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The MekWars 3025 Campaign (aka MegaMekNET) is an online game that allows people to arrange and play MegaMek (based on the Classic BattleTech boardgame) in a fully-featured, persistent campaign context.

Play as a Commander in a Great House, a Periphery raider or a Mercenary, taking part in an epic futuristic war for supremacy of the known galaxy. Fight for your faction, defend Davion's ideals or Kurita's honor. Win battles involving hundreds of tons of war machines, tanks, and infantry. Test your mettle against human opponents in desert, boggy, arctic and urban battlefields across hundreds of planets in the Inner Sphere.

Server History

The MegaMekNet server has been running since 2002, and as such is the longest-running online BattleTech server. For the recent history of the server, see our past cycles and the current cycle.


Finally! Unfortunately, the reality of this project is that people come and go. We had a beautiful wiki design, but the guy who designed it has not been seen in some time. So the design did not survive a software upgrade.

Bear with me as I get things working again.


The Basics

  • You will need to install the software to play. See the installation procedure if you haven't already done this.
  • Catalyst Game Labs, the company that publishes BattleTech, has a free version of the basic game rules available here. This is an excellent overview of the majority of the rules used in MegaMek.
  • The server has its own rules, regarding accounts, army composition, sportsmanship, and the like, available here.
  • You can jump right into the action, if you like, but if you want to get some tips on how to play well, see the basic strategies article, or the tactical guides post on the forum.

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Current MegaMekNET Cycle

Here, we will place information about the current cycle.

Resources & Links