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A hangar is a player's collection of Units to use within MekWars. A hangar consists of a number of bays which are used to house the unit. New players start with 120 bays in their hangar though this can be expanded by renting more bays at the cost of C-Bills. Each type of unit requires a specific number of bays, which is detailed in the table below.

There are a few special rules that apply, in addition to the table:

  • Foot Infantry do not take up 1 bay as listed in the table below. Only Jump, Mechanized and Motorized take up 1 bay. Foot take up fractional bay space. It takes several foot to take up 1 bay.
  • In an effort to require some balance to a player's hangar, there is a tax if too many of a Mek weight class is in a player's hangar. After 6 of the same weight class (Meks only), an exponential tax is applied, which is expressed in parentheses in the UI next to a player's bay counts on the right. It is possible, past 8-10 Meks of the same weight class, that the tax becomes completely unsustainable (several thousand to ten thousand C-Bills), bankrupting the player.
A typical hangar within MekWars. This hangar is using 92/120 bays (28 bays free).
Unit Weight & Type Bays Required
Light Mek 3
Medium Mek 4
Heavy Mek 6
Assault Mek 9
Light Vehicle 1
Medium Vehicle 2
Heavy Vehicle 3
Assault Vehicle 4
Light Infantry 1*
Light Aero 1
Medium Aero 2
Heavy Aero 3
Assault Aero (dropships) 12