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To start a battle against an opponent in MekWars, there are two ways to start a battle with an opponent. A player can either go active, which puts the player's army(s) on patrol in active defense against other active players, or a player can request a battle in chat and attack from reserve.

Active Duty

Active duty, which is the main way to initiate battles within MegaMek, involves pressing the "Activate" button on the bottom right with one or more legal armies. After a small delay for the armies to travel to the front lines, a list of available attack targets will be listed for each army. These targets are other attackers and their army(s) also on active duty. In order for two armies to be available to attack one another, the armies in question need to be within 150 BV.

Once an army is available to attack, both parties are able to initiate an attack by picking a legal operation and target planet. When an attacker intiates the operation, the defender has an opportunity to decline. Declining results in severe penalties, including losing all influence, a significant amount of C-Bills and more. At that point both players will move to a MegaMek server to fight.

While active, a player will earn influence for being on the front lines, ready for battle to defend his/her faction's worlds. A few times per tick, the player will earn influence for every army currently active. Armies that are the same, or very close in BV will not receive as much influence per army. The player will also earn components every tick for his/her faction, contributing to important Production output.

When a battle is accepted, a player technically remains active but no longer receives influence. However, the player does still contribute to production by earning components.

Attacking from Reserve

Attacking from reserve can only be used for tutorial battles with a player in the Solaris Training Company.

Default Game Options

For a list of the optional rules used by default in all MegaMekNET games, see Default Options.