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The current cycle, started February 11th, 2017, takes place during the Andurien Crisis. It differs from past MegaMekNET cycles which usually take place in 3025 across the entirety of the Inner Sphere. Normally all major successor states are playable states during the 3025 campaign, however for the Andurien Crisis features only 4 factions: Free Worlds League, Capellan Confederation, Andurien-Canopus Alliance, and the Periphery.

Align with the fragmented Free Worlds League and attempt to piece together their lost duchy of Andurien, declare for the Capellan Confederation to conquer and defend against the invading Magistracy of Canopus, join the newly-formed Andurien-Canopus Alliance and carve out a brand new state and break ties with your former leaders, or raid and create a small kingdom of your own as a Periphery Raider. The choice is yours.


Andurien Crisis

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