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Production is used to add new units to the game, which allows players to replace lost units and expand their hangars.

Factories and Components

Each faction owns a number of factories. These factories are divided up based on the types of units they can produce. For example, you can have an Assault Mek factory or a Light Aero factory. Factories require components to produce units, and factions produce components based on the planets they own and the activity of their players. Every 15 minutes there is a tick, and at the tick, the faction produces new components. These components are a communal resource owned at the faction level, and they may be used by any player in the faction.

A player may use a factory to produce a unit at any time. Doing so costs the player C-bills and influence, and it costs the faction components. It also deactivates that factory for a period of time. Buying a unit will produce a random new unit from the faction's build table directly into that player's hangar, and it will de-activate the factory for a period of time.

Type Weight Class C-Bills Influence Components
Mech Light 1,200 50 20,000
Medium 2,500 80 30,000
Heavy 4,000 100 50,000
Assault 6,000 130 90,000
Vehicle Light 500 30 15,000
Medium 650 50 22,000
Heavy 800 70 35,000
Assault 1,000 90 48,000
Infantry Light 400 20 20,000
Aero Light 600 40 15,000
Medium 1,200 70 30,000
Heavy 1,500 100 40,000
Assault (Dropship) 12,000 200 180,000


If players do not buy a particular type of unit, components will pile up until they reach a cap. Once there are enough components to produce 30 new units(for all light units), or 20 new units(for all other weight classes), components will be used up in one of two ways.

  • Component destruction. The components will be simply lost, to no benefit. In the tick notification, you will get a message such as "An industrial accident destroys a substantial cache of Assault Mek components."
  • Auto-Production. The factory will produce a unit automatically, and donate it directly to the faction hangar, where players can purchase it. In the tick notification, you will get a message such as "Technicians assembled a Packrat LRPV PKR-T5 (ICE) at Brooks Incorporated on Kendall."

Units that are added to the faction hangar are visible to all members of the faction, and may be purchased for half the usual price. Much like purchasing from a factory, however, individual units cannot be chosen - when buying "used" units, you get a random unit from the faction hangar of the appropriate type and weight class.

Auto-production is more common for lighter units, and destruction of components is more common for heavier units. Generally, each faction will have a strategy for which units they try to auto-produce versus which ones they expect players to buy directly from factories. Since buying from the faction hangar is much cheaper than buying directly from the factory, auto-production is a good way to save a lot of C-bills and influence for faction members, but it produces fewer units overall due to the chance of component destruction. Read your faction's MOTD to see what you should do with each weight class.

Production Levels

Component production is entirely based on player activity. If your faction has no players who are either active or battling, then you will produce no components. Battling players count towards production at a flat rate for as long as the battle lasts, while active players count differently depending on how many active armies they have. Much like farming influence by going active, having multiple armies at different BV levels will increase how much you count towards production while you're active. As a rule of thumb, being active with 3-4 armies is roughly equal to being in a battle. Component production is important, since it dictates how many units your faction will produce over time, and faction production is the most effective way of producing overall. Even if you can't find a fight, you should make a habit of going active whenever you can get away with it.

Each type of component will be produced in equal numbers. Instead of listing the numbers directly, the tick notification will instead convert them into unit equivalents - for example, on a tick where your faction produces 10,000 components of each type, the notification will be:

Your factories produced enough components to make:

  • 0.50 Light meks
  • 0.33 Medium meks
  • 0.20 Heavy meks
  • 0.11 Assault meks

and so on.