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Players on MekWars use a lot of different terms and acronyms that might be very confusing at first for new players. This table should assist in getting over the hurdle of learning some of the lingo.

Term Description
Bay A bay within a player's hangar. The number of bays determine the amount of units a player can have at one time.
BV Acronym of Battle Value, which can refer to a unit's individual Battle Value or an army's total Battle Value, calculated as a total of all units within the army. Battle Value is a basic summary of a unit's worth, taking into account weight, weapons, speed, armor, pilot and skills and more.
BV Spread Difference between the highest Battle Value unit in a given army and the lowest Battle Value unit within that army. Important for Army Construction.
C-Bills One type of Resources for the player. C-Bills are the basic international currency within MekWars and the Inner Sphere.
Components Used in Production by factories to manufacture new units for the a Faction.
ELO or Elo Another term for Rating. See [wikipedia's Elo Rating System entry] for more info on how it works. New players always start with 1600 Rating.
Faction Teams of players fighting for control of the Inner Sphere.
Flu See influence.
Force Mod An offset applied when the number of units on a side is dissimilar. The greater number force will have its BV increased, for the purpose of matching it up against the smaller force.
Influence One type of Resources for the player. Influence is used as a sort of activity limiter, ensuring one player doesn't perform too many battles, unit purchases, etc in too short a time frame.
Landex Land Exchange. Refers to the control of a planet and how much control is changed when a battle is won or lost.
RP (Reward Points) One type of Resources for the player. Given to players after battles only, these can be used to repair or purchase new units, especially rarer units or units that the player's faction cannot necessarily acquire because of factory limitations.
Tech An engineer in a player's employ that repairs damaged units. See Repair for more information.
Tick Every fifteen minutes, the server will administrate new production, check for auto-production, and perform other administrative tasks.
Unit Meks, vehicles, aerospace fighters, dropships, or infantry; what you use to fight with.