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A battle can finish in one of three ways.

1) All units on one side are destroyed. The side with remaining units wins automatically.

2) The players agree on a victor. At any time, one player typing "/victory" into chat, followed by the other player typing "/defeat" (without quotes in both cases), will end the game at the end of the current turn.

3) Automatic victory. If at the end of any turn either side has destroyed at least 60% of the BV of the other side, and has at least 50% more BV remaining than their opponent does, they win automatically.

For example, a fight started with 5000 BV on each side, and has been going on for several turns.

  • Turn 5: Player A has 2100 BV remaining, player B has 3300 BV remaining. Player B has 57% more BV, but has not yet destroyed 60% of his opponent's BV, so he does not win automatically.
  • Turn 6: Player A has 1900 BV remaining, player B has 2800 BV remaining. Player B has now destroyed 62% of his opponent's BV, but he is only in the lead by 47%. Once again, this means he will not win automatically.
  • Turn 7: Player A has 1600 BV remaining, player B has 2500 BV remaining. Player B has now destroyed 68% of his opponent's forces, and is in the lead by 56%. He meets both criteria, and wins automatically at the end of turn 7.

Once a player has won, the fight is over. Results will be reported to the server automatically, and players will receive XP, C-Bills, RP, and influence for their role in the combat. Player hangars will be updated based on losses and salvage. Players will be able to repair any damaged units, and they may also scrap any salvaged units they don't want to keep for no charge within 10 minutes of the battle finishing.