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Within MekWars, there are a number of resources that you as a commander will have access to in order to upgrade units, perform repairs, buy new units, hire mercenaries and more. You'll use Cbills to buy new units, influence to attack as well as acquire new Mechs, experience to level your most adept MechWarriors, and a few other important resources that may also accomplish some of the same things.


The most basic of the resources at your disposal, Comstar Bills, or C-Bills for short, is the standard international currency of the Inner Sphere.

C-Bills can only be earned through battles and the amount earned is dependent upon the operation, size of the battle (BV), and the rating difference between the two combatants. Larger battles, and a defeating an opponent with a higher BV will result in greater C-Bill earnings.

  • Used For:
    • Buying new units on the blackmarket
    • Buying new units via factories
    • Buying used units via your faction
    • Buying techs to repair units
    • Repairing damaged units
    • Hiring mercenary players
    • Scrapping or donating units
    • Buying / Renting more hangar bays

  • Earned By:
    • Finishing battles
      • Dependent upon operation type, BV and rating difference of combatants


Influence, or "flu" works within MekWars as an activity limiter of sorts, ensuring one person cannot simply waste all of a faction's resources, buy too many units or attack too many times in too small of a time frame.

It is used for just about everything from buying units (from various sources) to launching attacks. Flu can be earned by finishing battles but also by going active as a means to defend your faction's planets. Every ~5 minutes for being active and not in a battle you'll receive some flu for each army you're active with. The amount earned is dependent upon the server, but for MegaMekNET, it's an average of +4 flu for each army, though it is somewhat random. For each army within 150 BV of another, there's a stacking penalty so each additional one will earn less than the +4. Players cannot stockpile more than 200 flu.

  • Used For:
    • Buying new units on the black market (20 flu per bid)
    • Buying new units via factories (20-200 flu, see production for details)
    • Buying used units via your faction (10-100 flu, see production for details)
    • Launching attacks (30-90 flu, see operations for details)

  • Earned By:

Reward Points

Reward points or RP are an additional faction payout for conducting operations. The amount paid per operation varies based on the operation in question, however this is a flat amount for each operation.

  • Used For:
    • Repairing damaged units
    • Buying new units (not restricted only to faction's available units)

RP costs are listed below:

Type Weight Class RP Cost (Own Faction or Common) RP Cost (Other Faction)
Mech Light 3 6
Medium 6 12
Heavy 9 18
Assault 12 24
Vehicle Light 1 2
Medium 2 4
Heavy 4 8
Assault 6 12
Infantry Light 1 2
Aero Light 2 4
Medium 4 8
Heavy 6 12
Assault 36 72
Repair Any 5 N/A
  • Earned By:
    • Finishing battles


There are two types of experience as a resource. There is player experience and unit/pilot experience.

Player Experience

Player experience is an indicator of a player's involvement and participation. More experience will mean that a given player has participated and therefor more senior to other members. Player experience is only earned through battles and is never spent. This measure determines what ops a player has access to. Less experienced players will not be able to launch larger and more pivotal attacks until gaining enough experience.

  • Used For:
    • Allowing a player to graduate from their training and leave Solaris (100 XP required)
    • Determining which operations a player can carry out (750 XP required for Assault, 1500 XP required for Capital Assault)
  • Earned By:
    • Finishing battles

Pilot Experience

Pilot experience is earned through participation in battle and each unit will earn experience differently based on performance. With that experience, skills can be purchased which improve the pilot/unit. This is offset as this will increase the unit's BV. For a list of skills for pilots, please see Pilot Skills.

  • Used For:
    • Purchasing skills for pilots

  • Earned By:
    • Finishing battles with unit


Components are used, alongside C-Bills and flu, to build new Meks through factories in the faction tab. Unlike other resources listed here, this is a faction resource and applies to the entire faction rather than an individual player. Components are earned by being active. Each tick, the number of players active influences the amount of components earned. There is a component quantity for each unit type, so at any given time, a faction will have X amount of components for light meks, x amount for medium meks, etc. This includes tanks, infantry and aero as well. The Production page details the production mechanics further.

  • Used For:
    • Purchasing new units

  • Earned By:
    • Being active