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MegaMek Net uses forty different Terrain Map Types. Each type is unique though many are similar to some others. The list of the standard [[MegaMek Terrain|Terrain] types will help you understand these terrain map types.

The 40 Terrain Map Types

Type Description
Big Volcano One Large Tall hill. A few small hills and/or depressions.
Border Town Plains with scattered woods. Small town in Center of map, a few hills possible.
Broken Hills Many small hills and depressions, scattered small woods
Concrete Fields Fairly open urban map. Wide range of Building CF’s. Nearly the entire map is paved, many roads. A few scattered trees.
Desert Hills Open desert terrain with one or more large, low flat hills and/or shallow depressions. Scattered rough terrain.
Desert Oasis Desert with a few usually low to medium CF buildings. Several moderately sized woods. 1 or more medium sized water bodies.
Desert Plains Open desert with some rough across most of the map. Possible large shallow depression or broad low hill.
Desert Settlement Small central settlement with some raods. Several hills and depressions. Possible water body(s) from small to fairly large.
Draught Rift Moonscape with some small hills and depressions. 1 Large, shallow, diagonal depression crossing one corner of the map, usually full of rough terrain. Scattered other rough terrain.
Farmland Grassland with many roads. A few light scattered buildings. Some scattered woods, heavy and light. Often has large, low flat hills or shallow depressions.
Flat Woods Flat grass and forest with several large areas of light woods with some heavy woods. 1-2 roads. A few small water bodies.
Forest Outpost Many widely scattered usually low to mid CF buildings. Many large light woods with a few heavy hexes. A few small water bodies and roads.
Frozen Wasteland Icy rough and broken terrain. Many low hills and depressions. Scattered woods. Ice and Frozen water (Ice over water) common, some large areas of ice.
Geysers Desert with many hills and depressions. 3 or more large hills with lava hex at the center. Several small water bodies. Usually 1 road.
Grid City Open urban map with mainly large, heavy buildings. Many roads, scattered woods and small water bodies.
Hill Lakes Open grassland with several small, light forests. Large low flat hills and shallow depressions common. A few large bodies of water.
Icy Mountains Ice with large broad hills and deep depressions. Scattered Trees. Small to medium sized areas of Ice and Frozen water.
Icy Waste Large areas of Ice and frozen water. Large, short, flat broad hills and shallow depressions. A few scattered trees.
Industrial Area Dense Urban terrain with heavy buildings. A few small low hills and depressions. Scattered trees. Many roads at various angles.
Large Craters Large broad Hills and depressions. Scattered rough and small water bodies.
Lightly Wooded Scattered medium sized light and heavy wooded areas. Large, short, flat, broad hills and shallow depressions common.
Marshland Plains with some small woods. Several small water bodies. Swamp terrain common and widely dispersed across map.
Martian City Red Clay city. Light and medium buildings with some heavy CF. Some small hills and depressions. Many roads. Scattered trees.
Megalopolis Very dense city with heavy buildings. Some roads. Scattered woods. A few small water bodies.
Padding Terrain This is the same as Woodland Village. Most likely the terrain type name was never changed.
Mountain Village Small central village with light to medium buildings. Some roads. Several large hills and small depressions. Some trees.
Permafrost City Frozen city with light and heavy buildings. Ice and frozen water common. Bridges will be ice covered. Some low hills and depressions. A few scattered trees.
Pine Forest Large sections of light and heavy trees. Large number of small water bodies. A few broad, short, flat hills and shallow depressions.
Radioactive Crater Large curving crater with elevated ridge. Rough terrain common. Possible low small hills.
Radioactive Waste Flat plain with lots of rough/broken terrain. Some low hills. Usually a large shallow depression.
Riverside Town Open Urban map with many roads. Usually a diagonal river crossing a corner of the map or a large water body. Water usually has several bridge crossings. Several small groups of trees and a few hills.
Scattered Farms Open grassland with a few scattered light buildings and scattered trees. A few broad, flat hills or depressions. Some roads.
Snowcapped Pike One or two large high hills with some trees. Small patches of ice and frozen water. Usually 1 road.
Snowy Crests Several large short hills and deep depressions. Some trees. Can have ice and frozen water hexes.
Suburbs Very open urban map. Usually with light and medium CF buildings. Some roads with scattered hills, depressions and trees.
Taiga Open plain with some hills and scattered trees. Ice and frozen water very common and potentially large.
Tundra Snow Terrain with many large wooded areas. A few small short hills and shallow depressions.
Twin Peaks Two large hills with some woods. Some low depressions. Usually 1 road.
Volcanic Ledges Several large steep hills. Often 8+ levels high. Some with lava at the center. A few other small hills.
Wetland Many small water and several larger water bodies. Water can be frozen. Varying amounts of swamp. Scattered trees and a few hills or depressions.
Woodland Village Small central village, light to medium buildings. Many light and heavy woods and some roads. Scattered small water bodies and a few hills.

* Terrain map not available at this time.