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Ground Units

  • Mek - Short for Battlemech. "Mech" is also used, but due to copyright concerns, it should not be used in any official context.
    • Biped Meks are the most common type of Mek, due to their unparalleled flexibility.
    • Quad Meks are less common, but still seen from time to time. They have somewhat less flexibility about firing arcs and have less internal space, but they are much more stable and have more movement options.
  • Infantry
  • Vehicle:
    • Hover - Military hovercraft, hovers are known for their high speed, coupled with their vulnerability to weapons fire (they are no easier to hit, but hits tend to hurt them more easily, particularly with regards to mobility). They can enter clear terrain and water (on top of it, not in it), but are prohibited from entering any type of woods or rough hexes. Hovers can weigh from 5 to 50 tons.
    • Tracked - Traditional tanks, these tend to be slower than the other vehicles; they are the hardiest against mobility damage, and generally carry the heaviest armour. Tanks can weigh from 20 to 100 tons, and can enter clear and light woods hexes.
    • Wheeled - Armoured cars, these are a compromise between the hover and the tank, as they are faster than the tank, and not as vulnerable to mobility damage as the hover. They are capable of entering clear terrain only. Wheeled vehicles can weigh from 20 to 80 tons.
    • VTOL - Flying units, can land on clear terrain, prohibited from any other type of terrain. Entering prohibited terrain at the level of said terrain results in the destruction of the VTOL. VTOLs can weigh from 5 to 30 tons.

Aerospace Units

  • Conventional Fighter - Atmospheric- only craft, not capable of space flight.
  • Aerospace Fighter - Small craft capable of operating both in space and in an atmosphere.
  • Dropship - Larger craft, generally designed for the purpose of moving either units or goods of some sort from a planet to a jump-capable starship.
  • Jumpship - A craft designed for the sole purpose of jumping between star systems, and bringing dropships with it when it does so. Modeled in MekWars in a very abstract fashion, reflected in the range at which the various Operations can be launched.
  • Warship - An armed and armored Jumpship; most could carry at least some dropships, but a few could not carry any, being designed for the sole purpose of space combat.

Specifics on units can be found in the Catalyst Games Technical Readouts. Technical Readout 3039 contains the information on most units used on this campaign servers. Some units may be found in and other Technical Readouts. The Technical Readouts 3025, 3025 and 2750 formed the basis for the 3039 book. These are out of print and have had their content replaced by 3039 and other resources.

Disposal of Units

Units that a player does not wish to keep may be disposed of in various ways.

  • Battle. Fighting to the death with a group of units that you wish to be rid of is a good way to get rid of some of them. If nothing else, you'll learn how to sue them better.
  • Donating to teammates. Units can be moved freely between players in the same faction for no cost. However, the receiving player should agree to the donation - dumping unwanted units on unsuspecting teammates is prohibited.
  • Donating to the faction hangar. This has some cost, but it allows your teammates to purchase the unit if they wish it.
  • Scrapping the unit outright. This has a substantial cost, but it may be the only way to rid yourself and your faction of very bad units without needing to use them in battle. A salvaged unit may be scrapped for no cost within 10 minutes of the end of the battle it was salvaged in.

Selling units on the Black Market exists as an option in the software, but it is currently blocked for all players(you can attempt it, but you'll get an error). If enabled, this would allow you to unload units and earn C-Bills for selling them. However, only desirable units would generally sell, so it's not a good option for getting rid of bad units.