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From an original idea by Helge 'McWizard' Richter

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[Image: BattleTech artwork, BLR-1G Battlemaster]

The MekWars 3025 Campaign (aka MegaMekNET) is an online game that allows people to arrange and play MegaMek (based on the Classic BattleTech boardgame) in a fully-featured, persistent campaign context.

Play as a Commander in a Great House, a Periphery raider or a Mercenary, taking part in an epic futuristic war for supremacy of the known galaxy. Fight for your faction, defend Davion's ideals or Kurita's honor. Win battles involving hundreds of tons of war machines, tanks, and infantry. Test your mettle against human opponents in desert, boggy, arctic and urban battlefields

Give it a try, it's free game and libre software.

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3025 campaign client

Regardless of your operating system, you will need a Java virtual machine (JVM). This feature is provided by Java Runtime Environment (JRE). MegaMekNET currently requires Java 8, NOT the most recent version. Please visit the Java homepage to learn more and to download JRE 8.

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[Image: Ingame combined arms assaults screenshot]

The MegaMekNET server hosts a full scale campaign involving 7 factions, 2000+ planets, 40 varied terrains, hundreds of players and thousands of units. The game universe is set during Classic BattleTech's Inner Sphere Succession Wars of 3025, a futuristic galaxy-wide conflict primarily involving high-tech bipedal war machines. Several factions are represented, such as the Federated Suns, Draconis Combine, Lyran Commonwealth and more...

This server hosts a traditional Battletech campaign with a narrow range of weapons and options, collectively called "Level 1 tech" or "L1". Mekwars 3025 campaign is perhaps the best place to start playing online Classic BattleTech because of its relative simplicity and larger player base.

  • Personal assets
  • Team play
  • Economy and game balance
  • Another game experience
  • Thematic and unique maps
  • Combined arms


[Image: Documentation.]

Part of a free software project, Mekwars is in constant evolution. In order to help new players, provides a Wiki-based documentation centre that describes the campaign settings, MekWars and MegaMek interfaces. This wiki aims to be a comprehensive and user friendly documentation source for 3025 campaign players but also MekWars/MegaMek users.

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Hosted features


The Classic BattleTech free software family consists of several projects and packages, which can be confusing for new visitors. is NOT the homepage for the opensource MegaMek project. However, DOES house MekWars and MegaMek project forums. As the most long-established MekWars instance, MekWars 3025 Campaign maintains a close relationship with the MegaMek and MekWars developers.


[Image: MekWars interface.]

MekWars is the strategic campaign server project hosted by SourceForge (project page). In order to simplify dialog between Mekwars end-users, server operators, and developers, hosts the following forums :

  • General discussions
  • Server operator support (protected forum)
  • End-User support/bug report
  • Feature request/suggestions

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[Image: MegaMek interface.]

MegaMek is the tactical game engine project, and is also hosted by SourceForge (project page, website). hosts the following forums :

  • General discussions
  • End-User support/bug report
  • Feature request/suggestions

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