Player Ranking:

RankNameExperienceHouseHouse RankComment
1Guillotine-X11821Free Worlds League
2DrBuckarooBanzai11220Lyran Commonwealth

3ripper6340Lyran Commonwealth
4Lumpi6192Lyran Commonwealth
5Jug6160Free Worlds League
6Azalais Inkura4941Free Worlds League[13:47] Guillotine-X [CC]: A Prowler Vehicle (ECM)
exploded when the Tech dropped his cigar while he was refueling the vehicle. No survivors have been reported
[13:47] Azalais Inkura [CC]: nice
[13:48] Azalais Inkura [CC]: thats some Zoolander ****
7juice144656Free Worlds League
8Sadistic4625Capellan Confederation
9Illician Lancers4120Capellan Confederation
10Rushvin3880Free Worlds LeagueRushvin the Rich, Scurvy Dog of the New Pirate Empire
11GenKumon3325Free Worlds League
12Dwight Derringer2940Free Worlds League
13RZeus2865Free Worlds League
14QueenScary2326Lyran Commonwealth
15Lando2310Lyran Commonwealth
16Jackal1925Capellan Confederation
17Mykhal1875Lyran Commonwealth
18BaRbArIaN1866Free Worlds League
19shlomo1805Capellan Confederation
20Gambit1540Lyran Commonwealth
21Aton19741355Lyran Commonwealth
22Chow Fi Wen1225Free Worlds League
23Warlord Syso1210Free Worlds League
24obese pigeon1190Free Worlds League
25Max_Vebaneta-GFox1145Lyran Commonwealth
26JAWS1096Capellan Confederation
27gabor_kovacs1065Free Worlds League
28Ares825Lyran Commonwealth
29Giant Hillbilly770Lyran Commonwealth
30Paranatural445Free Worlds League
31Ceorl275Lyran Commonwealth