MekWars Servers

ServerVersionCurrent PlayersCurrent GamesMax Players
Total Games
DescriptionLast Tracked
ExampleTech0.6.0.60000A MekWars ServerInfo Only
LeagueOfStars0.6.0.30000Early Star League Era Campaign Server. Pretty much anything goes.Info Only
MegaMekNET0.6.0.48017823025 Inner Sphere Campaign5m ago
MekWars: Dominion0.3.7.360842765 Era Campaign7m ago
Mekwars Legends server set 3067. Clans, Word of Blake, Inner Sphere3m ago
Mekwars: Dominion0.3.7.300002750 Era CampaignInfo Only
Mekwars: StarTerra League0.6.0.60000Server campaign set in year 3060: Capellan - St. Ives War. Client can be downloaded by clicking on server name.Info Only

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