MekWars Servers

ServerVersionCurrent PlayersCurrent GamesMax Players
Total Games
DescriptionLast Tracked
LeagueOfStars0.6.0.30000Early Star League Era Campaign Server. Pretty much anything goes.Info Only
MegaMekNET0.6.0.460221893025 Inner Sphere Campaign9m ago
MekWars: Dominion0.3.7.3619132765 Era Campaign6m ago
Mekwars Legends server set 3067. Clans, Word of Blake, Inner Sphere7m ago
Mekwars: Dominion0.3.7.300002750 Era CampaignInfo Only
Mekwars: StarTerra League0.6.0.60000Server campaign set in year 3060: Capellan - St. Ives War. Client can be downloaded by clicking on server name.Info Only

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