MekWars Servers

Server Version Current Players Current Games Max Players
Total Games
Description Last Tracked
Battletech: The Succession Wars0.7.0.10000First and Third Succession War Casual Gaming and Matchmaking
Sat Dec 15 20:23:43 PST 2018
Legends server set in 3067 Jihad era. The following factions will be available:Lyran Alliance, Federated Suns, Draconis Combine, Free Worlds League, Trinity Alliance, Rasalhague Dominion, Word of Blake, Raven Alliance, Periphery, Crusader Clans, Warden Clans and Mercenary!
Sun Feb 17 20:32:35 PST 2019
MegaMekNET0.7.0.11012413025 persistent campaign
Sun Feb 17 20:36:46 PST 2019
MekWars: Dominion0.3.7.340772765 Era Campaign
Sun Feb 17 20:30:31 PST 2019

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