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Hi, I'm Spork, current lead developer on the MekWars project, which means I'm responsible for the most recent of the bugs involved. I'm also an administrator on MegaMekNET and provide the hardware and internet access for the server. While you will seldom find me on the server, due to an overwhelmingly busy life, and even more seldom will you find me fighting, I maintain a forum presence, and you are free to ask me questions there.

Please note that I do *not* have anything to do with campaign settings, I will not set your fluff for you (unless you say something resoundingly stupid in chat), I only code MekWars (not MegaMek), and I'm in general a cranky old bastard.

You can find me on Twitter (@OfficialMekWars) and frequently on the MMNet Discord chat, which is, frankly, the easiest way to raise my attention.