End Of Cycle, Next Cycle Announcement

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End Of Cycle, Next Cycle Announcement

Post by Jackal » Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:33 pm

The Cycle Has Ended! Long Live The Cycle!

Hail MMNetizens! The 2nd Council of Six has voted to end the current "mini-cycle" and to declare The Free Worlds League the winners. We will now start preparations for the NEXT CYCLE which we plan to begin March 1st, 2016.

New Cycle Awards
In what we hope will become a standard practice on MMNet, we will be giving awards to the winners of THIS cycle that carry over into the NEXT cycle. For this cycle, we decided to award players who were in FWL on or before Dec 20th (roughly when elections for the new Council began) and must have had more than 500 XP. The players who met these conditions are as follows:
  • Ares
    Eric von Kastell
Next cycle, each of these players will receive 36 RP, which they can use to make purchases from a special (DISCOUNTED) RARE PULLS TABLE that will be available in the first 10 days of the campaign. These awards will be fully portable, and players can receive their award regardless of what faction they end up joining next cycle.

Inter-Cycle Period
The Council is currently making preparations for the next cycle. In the interim, we will REMOVE THE DEFECTION PENALTY so that players can have fun and move around from faction to faction. Note: Once we are ready to begin the next cycle (March 1st, 2016), the cycle will be reset and defection penalties will be put back in place.

New Cycle Features
This coming cycle, The Council will be introducing several new features which we hope will make for a more interesting and dynamic campaign.
  • New Campaign Victory Condition: Victory Planets – Probably the most significant new feature we will be introducing this coming cycle is a new system for winning the campaign. Instead of taking a capital or taking sectors, we will instead have strategically valuable "victory planets" that will be evenly distributed along each faction's borders. If a faction takes a certain *net* number of victory planets (TBD, but our current working assumption is +5) an armistice is declared and that faction has won the 4th Succession War!

    The Council is still working out the details of the the number and location of these victory planets but here is an example of what a map with VP's might look like:
    • Image

    Awards System – Another major feature we will be unveiling is a system for awarding players from one cycle to the next. Players who are particularly active will receive awards the following cycle. Additionally players who WIN the cycle will receive a significant bonus. Stay tuned for details.
    • Image

    The Return of Aero
    – Still another major feature will be the return of (space-only) aerospace battles. Aero was a popular feature with many players and we are excited to be bringing it back. Compared to previous cycles when we had aero, these battles will also have enhanced strategic value as aero will now be able to open beachheads on planets just like drop operations.
    • Image

Send Us Your Suggestions!
The Council is working furiously to determine the final details of the features for next cycle, but there's STILL TIME for you to make suggestions! Please either inform a Council member or make a suggestion through the Suggestions Forum if there's something you want us to consider!

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