Cycle End

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Cycle End

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In a stunning turn of events the Periphery Lords Organize a broad offensive against the Inner Sphere powers. The Lyran Commonwealth lost 5 worlds to the Pirates, among them the factory world of Son Hoa. The Draconis Combine ceded 5 worlds as well with the major industrial world of Niles falling to Periphery forces. The Combine did conquer one periphery world, but this was little consolation for such significant losses. The Federated Suns fared only a little better, giving up 3 worlds to the periphery invaders.

Overall results when victory was officially achieved.

Federated Suns (-710/52190), Lyran Commonwealth (-443/45657), Capellan Confederation (0/23000), Comstar (0/1100), Free Worlds League (0/35200), Draconis Combine (+247/43847), Periphery (+1006/23706).

Top Players By Experience

Rank Name Experience House
1 Guillotine-X 6275 Federated Suns
2 marshall1234 5490 Draconis Combine
3 Mephistopheles 5305 Draconis Combine
4 McMadMax 4935 Periphery
5 Lumpi 4625 Periphery
6 Jutsu 4315 Federated Suns
7 Windschreiter 3590 Federated Suns
8 Daydream 2975 Federated Suns
9 RZeus 2895 Federated Suns
10 fert 2846 Lyran Commonwealth

Congratulations to our biggest impact player, Guillotine-X!

Top 10 Players ELO

Rank Name Rating House

1 Mephistopheles 1736.59 Draconis Combine
2 McMadMax 1720.59 Periphery
3 Daydream 1689.34 Federated Suns
4 Lumpi 1688.05 Periphery
5 Guillotine-X 1687.8 Federated Suns
6 Khisanth 1666.53 Periphery
7 Dwight Derringer 1649.69 Periphery
8 Zignus 1644.29 Lyran Commonwealth
9 ostsol 1638.11 Draconis Combine
10 obese pigeon 1636.37 Lyran Commonwealth

Congratulations to our most successful player, Mephistopheles!

The Council of Six is currently working on a new cycle. We will roll one out as soon as reasonably possible.
Probable factions are LC, FWL and either P or CC. We just don't have enough players for a grand campaign.
When the injustice is great enough, Justice will lend me the strength needed to correct it.
None may stand against it.
It will shatter every barrier, sunder any shield, tear through any enchantment and lend its servant the power to pass sentence.
Know this: there is nothing on all the Planes that can stay the hand of justice when it is brought against them.
It may unmake armies. It may sunder the thrones of gods.
Know that for ALL who betray Justice, I am their fate... and fate carries an Executioner's Axe.

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