Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Servers

Post by Bloodknight »

The Dedicated Servers in use on MegamekNet are currently being hosted by:


These commendable individuals are providing a free service to the rest of the community. They owe us nothing.
Sometimes a Ded will be down for a while, or maybe the owner decides he doesn't want to host anymore. That is ok. He's been helping us out for as long as he could.

What this means for the players: MMNet's staff will not tolerate any badgering of the persons who provide players who cannot host themselves with a place to play on. Act accordingly.

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Re: Dedicated Servers

Post by Klingon »

In addition, if there are problems observed with these deds, a forum PM in the form of an FYI to the above people would do well to restore the functionality. As noted above, diplomacy is a must; they are volunteering their resources and time to help.
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