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Council of Six Feedback

Post by Nastyogre » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:53 pm

So I started to write this in the "Thanks to the Outgoing members" but I realized it should have it's own home.

After serving on the first Co6, I have some reflections on my experience.

I think it's worked well overall, it's what a collaboration between developers and the players should be. Active, cooperative and positive. I agree the Council should probably communicate more with their constituents in an official fashion. Just chatting people up when you are on, just isn't going to cut it. I had a "Voice of the Chancellor" but I should have used it more, and if people did it less than me, then it wasn't enough. Frankly, a weekly update is probably in order, if to say nothing more than "We talked about X and Y and decided nothing on any subject" Or "voting on A & B is still open"

I get the that sometimes the Council might not want to share the discussion with their factions. It is challenging to hash it out with each other AND the faction at the same time. I tend to think the Council Member talks with the faction then goes back to the Council and presents their position. (which may or may not represent their faction exactly. A faction's members might hold a position that the Co6 member knows to be impossible or just a really bad idea. They should explain that they will not present such an idea and why)

My advice to new members (and those that stayed on)

1.Communicate with your faction alot. Weekly, officially. More than that, unofficially. If you can't get them to talk to you, well, at least you have done your job in keeping them informed and you can make the decisions you need to make.

2. Check the Co6 and forums daily as much as you can. I know we had things that were decided in just a couple of days. If you are going to be gone, let the Council (and your faction of course) know that you will be out and that you would like to weigh in on anything that comes up. Or let them know nothing considered right now is that important to you one way or another.

3. Don't worry about it too much if the staff does something.There will probably be an issue or two a cycle/session that the staff needs to act upon and bring to the Co6's attention. It won't necessarily be something the Co6 failed to do, it may simply be something that required action NOW, rather than after six people talk about it. There will probably be something that the Co6 will want to have done that the staff won't be hot on, can't do or gets hung up on implementation.

4. If there is conflict, keep talking. Whether it is between each other or even a disagreement with the staff, keep talking. Don't be too quick to agree to disagree. Understanding the other side of the issue is important.

5. Very little is set in stone, don't be afraid to make a change. You want to give new ideas a chance to work, but if something isn't working don't be afraid to act, just because you changed something. It goes along with the idea of letting the perfect become the enemy of the good. I feel this way about BV spreads. Stair step was OK. Flat BV spreads were OK. Roughly equal. Hybrid MIGHT be better, try it. If it doesn't work, change back to something we know works. The staff is only going to stop you from making changes that they find totally unacceptable or impossible to execute with the resources available. I am pretty sure the staff thought some of our ideas were dumb but they let us anyway. It also doesn't hurt to ask the staff for their opinion or how something works. There were things we thought we could do, we couldn't and things we were sure we couldn't that were actually possible.

6. Have fun with it. It's pretty damn cool to be able to influence things in the way you guys can, so have fun. Yes, its a serious responsibility, but you all know what this environment should be like. You know we really are pretty close. Make this campaign as fun and cool an experience for the players and the staff as possible.

I look forward to the new Council of Six's first actions.

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