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New Ops Feedback

Post by Jackal » Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:59 pm

New Ops Feedback
So as many of you have probably already seen, The Council has now released the new Core Operations. We consider this a "soft launch" and might make some some adjustments based on what we see happening. (We'll be collected data for a while though, so don't expect immediate changes).

We're opening this thread so you guys can provide feedback. There are also some issues we we want you to be aware of. These issues as follows:

Known Bugs
There are two known, relatively minor Mekwars bugs that affect the operations in some cases. There are already patches in the works, but we'll have to wait for them to work their way through the system.
  • Map Bug on > 100 CP Worlds -- while the map shows the correct attack options for worlds with 100 cp (which is MOST planets), it will improperly show ground operations as being legal on a world with more than 100 cp (factory planets) when the world is between 10-20% (which is 21 and 40 cp on factory world). Until this is patched you just need to be aware of this fact.

    Can't use Ground Ops when defender is under 20% -- to make the beachhead dynamic work we had to use a variable called "MinPlanetOwnership." We originally thought that this would only apply to the attacker, but our testing showed it applies to the defender as well. Attacks can still reduce a defender below 20%, you just can't use further ground ops against them if they're ALREADY below 20%. A patch for this is in the works, but for now the work around is to use drop ops once the defender is below 20%.

Tighter Economy
Something you guys will also discover fairly quickly is we've significantly reduced operation payouts. Our goal is to make a more realistic game economy that's challenging for all players. In reducing op payments, we made a deliberate decision that it would be better to cut too much and to possibly loosen up later, than to not cut enough and have to cut more later. We'll be keeping a close eye on this particular issue. (Not committing to increasing pay, just saying it's a possibility).

Defense Pays More Than Offense
In the context of the tighter economy, it should be pointed out that payouts are significantly higher for defense than offense (true in all ops except ground ops). So if you're low on money, defending some ops might be a good idea.

More Pay For Assaults
Still another thing that should be pointed out is that Assault operations pay noticeably more than Incursions. Our goal was to give players a financial reason to step up to these more advanced operations. We also felt better compensation was necessary for ops that likely would be more destructive. We may revisit this assumption as more data comes in.

Anyway we hope that you guys enjoy the new operations and we welcome your feedback.



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