DC and FS dodging P?

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DC and FS dodging P?

Post by Mole » Wed May 20, 2015 8:37 pm

It seems to be harder and harder for P to get games these days. Some players from the other houses have specifically stated that they are dodging P because they get no land from the exchange, others seem to only filed armies at 6-7-8k or more which are hard for P players to match because we have so few assault meks. Going with swarms of lower BV units to make up the difference rarely works out well. What's up with that? If the campaign settings for this two "great house" campaign encourage DC and FS to dodge P then it doesn't really promote a fun game.
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Re: DC and FS dodging P?

Post by Klingon » Wed May 20, 2015 10:21 pm

This cycle is kind of a test cycle for the new admin, as I understand it, Bloodknight is getting his feet wet in the server, so quite a few things you're seeing now you may not be seeing going forward. Chiming in and letting us know what you don;t like and why is *very* much appreciated, only with good feedback can we deliver a server that the players like!

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Re: DC and FS dodging P?

Post by obese pigeon » Thu May 21, 2015 1:15 am

actually, dodging P has been around ever since P was made non-conquer. It's been around for years

Given a choice, why waste time/resources playing a non-conquer game?

It's one of the hazards of joining the non-conquer faction

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Re: DC and FS dodging P?

Post by Jarrick » Thu May 21, 2015 1:34 am

so play at the BVs that other players are playing at. Add more units. Everyone has to go active to play, so if you're not getting games, it is from unwillingness to play at the BVs of the majority of the player base. I've never done anything to avoid a game with P, they are a ready source of interesting salvage, and a way to sink ELO if you do in fact lose.

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Re: DC and FS dodging P?

Post by Kat » Thu May 21, 2015 3:17 am

Can't talk for other people, but I never dodge games, and I think it's fun to play P, they got cool stuff. If there's something that's lost from a 2-faction campaign, is that we don't get to see as many designs fighting.

Granted, while I care about the overall campaign, I'm not as gung ho as some hardcore folk, so I might be the exception.
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Re: DC and FS dodging P?

Post by Ironboot » Thu May 21, 2015 1:19 pm

I don't dodge P players. Its nice to have a relaxing game from time to time.

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Re: DC and FS dodging P?

Post by Nastyogre » Thu May 21, 2015 2:19 pm

I'm split. There are times I deactivate rather than play a non-conq game. Other times, I'm just looking to play. Depends alot on if there are DC players available. No? I'm probably fighting the pirate. Yes? Probably not. The other consideration is what army is going to fight? Finely tuned assault army? Probably not. I'm not attached to the little mechs, its the capacity of the army. Because P has no reason to use leveled units I've run into several of my games where I have levels and my P opponent doesn't. They just don't need them. So I risk a assault capable army at a disadvantage? Not a lot of campaign reason to play.

Yet, I do still play about 1 pirate a week or so. Merely because I want to play and they deserve games. I sort of look at it as the penalty you pay for being P. What I never do is refuse to play if I'm blinded. I don't take the leech and I always give it a good honest try. None of this fight 3 rounds and surrender. I might throw in the towel early if things look bad for me, but I'm not going to just give in. I'd like to see the P raids that are developed be so damaging to players if you lose that players, if caught by the pirate, are motivated to play. If possible some sort of coding that forced a unit into the salvage pool, or even caused a loss from the hangar. If the leech vs the P could hit the hangar, then you can be sure we would all play the P hard. Best would be a way to code it that if you fight, have salvage and % destroyed etc, the penalties are minor. (Units from the factories and bays) If you simply surrender with low damage, the penalties hit your army used and hangar. We might duck them if we see them come active, but if the Pirate gets to ambush somebody, that player is going to fight hard to avoid the penalties of loosing.

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