Just some pointers about Jackal final ruling about my post

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Just some pointers about Jackal final ruling about my post

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I have been busy working on the new cycle, so I didn't learn about this situation until yesterday evening. I have now gone over the entire thread, talked to two of the people involved, and received written messages from the third. Here is my conclusion.

@Illician: As you highlighted in your last post (from the rules):
Moderators can observe all games without explanation or reason. It is part of their job to do exactly that and you are not allowed to ask them to leave.
While that doesn't say "administrators," that is mostly a matter of omission. It has always been the general practice on this server that administrators have moderator duties. And, as it says, they are allowed to be in a game without explanation, and you don't have a right to ask them to leave.

The fact that you were trying to make OP leave, whatever your reasons, is exactly what got the ball rolling in this situation. And doing doing so was, in and of itself, a violation of the rules. You don't get to label an admin's mere presence as a provocation. The default assumption should be that they are doing their job.

Just to be clear, the staff on this server all put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their job, and they do it for the benefit of other people. Without them, we would not HAVE a server. You are not required to like or get along with every staff member, but--as the rules state--you don't try to make them leave DED's, and you don't argue with them.

For those reasons I am going to leave the ban in place. I am, however, going to reduce the punishment to 2 weeks, but ONLY because I think 1 month is a big penalty for a first time offense (first time in a while, in any case).

Going forward, if an admin or moderator enters your game, don't start making demands that they leave. Doing so will definitely result in bigger penalties in the future.

The ban will now lift on Sat Sep 23 @ 12:32:40 UTC 2023.

My decision on this is final, and I am now closing the thread.
If that is your ruling Im not going to argue with it and I accept it but you got a couple of things wrong Jackal:

I dont label an admin presence as a provocation but when that same admin get into one of my games and ask if I mind? Knowing that I do and when i said yes he answer for IL is just a rhetorical question. Exactly what do you think he is doing with that answer? 1st he is provoking me with the question knowing what is going to be my answer and 2nd he is provoking me with that answer.

A few months ago I send you a PM telling you about OP getting into one of my games and after a few interchange of words. He said to me in front of the other player which i think was curiously Mole too but i can be mistaken you should check that PM to see if was Mole or no that I was playing in this server thanks to his generosity. Now as an Admin Jackal what do you think that comment from another admin means to a player and if he wasnt trying to provoking me with it then what he was trying to do? since then and that have been months he is been slowly trying to provoking me each time he come to check my games with the same question. HI mind? knowing im going to said yes which guest what i do said it because i do mind him admin or no admin but until this last episode i had keep my cool but everything have a limit and i reached mine in this last event.

Also my default assumption with OP when he come to check my games after he is so polite to ask if I mind? knowing that i do and im going to said yes isnt that he is doing his job is that he is trying to provoking me maybe even when he is doing his job. No one said he cant kill 2 birds in a shoot.

Now he could as an admin come inside the server. Said Hi,because there are 2 players playing, do his job that can last 1 min or 7h and leave. Dont ask a question that as innocent as mind? sounds he knows one of the players do mind him around for personal reasons. He doesnt try to provoke anyone that way everybody is happy dolly in different measures games continue, he does his job no one is provoked and life go on.

Also you said this Jackal which is very very true:

Just to be clear, the staff on this server all put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their job, and they do it for the benefit of other people. Without them, we would not HAVE a server. You are not required to like or get along with every staff member

I do appreciate all the time, blood, sweat and tears that the staff here put for this to stay open and keep working and all the improvement that have been made, etc etc From you, whatever else helps and even from OP. That I dont like OP for personal reasons since he mention my family in a complaint i made against him 3 and something years ago doesnt mean i dont appreciate the work he does as an admin here. What i dont appreciate at all is he trying to provoking me on purpose or telling me I play here because of his generosity. Implying i will be cut off from the server as soon as he doesnt feel generous. What is that about? Maybe you can have a better understanding for that answer because saying that to a player in a position of power and responsibility doesnt sound to impartial to me. But what do I know? He doesnt need to give explanations to anyone anyways.

I have been trying for the last 3 and something years since we got our issue to avoid OP. He is in my NP for life. I dont talk to him in main channel or PM him as a player and only time I talk to him is when an admin issue arrive, someone breaking rules or a bug in a game. Other than that I have zero interactions with him. I dont think Im asking too much for him to do the same thing and if he needs to do his admin job and im involved in it like checking my games or asking me things for whatever reason, do it in a way he isnt trying to provoking me. Im not asking for his bank details just proper courtesy to another player that doesnt want to have any interaction with him and if he must do it then do it in a proper and polite way with no smart questions knowing he is provoking and answer or charity remarks about how generous he is.

But as I said to you in an personal email that i try 3 times to send you and doesnt get out of my outbox for some reason :shock: Unless OP interaction with me can be restricted to admin purposes and in a polite and proper way I have zero intention to come back. I know better that come back to a place where someone with a beef against me and me against him is in a power position and can control the end result of our interactions and punish me after he get the reaction that he is looking for. Because guest what Jackal if he came to one of my games and he ask again if I mind? what do you think Im going to answer. Knowing perfectly well that he doesnt give a shit about me mind him there he made the question to provoke a reaction and he will get it every and each single time.

Im not asking you to do or dont do anything at all Jackal. Im just explaining a few things about certain points i think you got a little off under my point of view. But definitely for an admin OP behavior in this case with me during months is not the most professional or impartial and doesnt matter how much blood, sweat and tears he put on here if he does have a beef with me which he does even when he said he doesnt ( otherwise we will not been having this issue, complaint and post, etc ) and he keep trying to provoking me I could care less if he have this symbol @ or is Jesus Christ son of God I will speak my mind with no problem at all.

By the way nothing against your ruling I accept it totally ( but as i said I know better that to come back while he has an unchecked behavior against me ) but I think you should have a nice chat with your friend about a couple of points when you have time. Because nothing is mention about his behavior in your final ruling and I think it should be and if isnt appropriate because he is an admin maybe a nice personal chat will do wonders.

I hope everything works out superb for the server. Love all the new improvement you have bring in the last couple years . I appreciate all the hard work everybody had put in the server even OP but specially you Jackal. I hope this stay open for decades and to all my real opponents and those that love playing me I will miss playing you. Two special mention to Ferahgo and Mole. Im super proud of how much you have advance and how much you have improved since you came here and started playing me. Also love you always try to fight my tactics and learn from them :twisted: To Mole I enjoy playing you a lot and since you have started to made really good combo armies is so much fun. As i said to you before you had played me enough to be on the top 10 ranking of players I hope you get there eventually :D

All the best to everyone

Kind regards

Illician Lancers

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