Intentional fire to forest to create smoke

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Illician Lancers
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Intentional fire to forest to create smoke

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I notice as an observer and in some of my own games that some players the moment they are fighting in a map with lots of forest 1st thing they do is set fire as many forest hex as possible and then fight around the section that is on fire until the forest is consumed and the smoke appears so they can fight using the smoke.

I wonder if that is going against the spirit of the fire/smoke rule. No buildings involve in those maps normally but firing to forest hex that 1st) don't have any enemy units. 2nd) are close to your deployment zone and 3rd) you fight around until smoke appears looks to me like players happily went around the fire/smoke rule.

Can someone clarify if that is going against the fire/smoke rule or if it is ok.

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Illician Lancers

obese pigeon
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Re: Intentional fire to forest to create smoke

Post by obese pigeon »

Something like this would be against the spirit of the rules, and assuming is true, is not ok.

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Re: Intentional fire to forest to create smoke

Post by Nastyogre »

I would agree. Shooting woods and buildings to destroy them, even to set fire to them to destroy them is one thing. Simply setting the woods on the board on fire to create smoke and fighting from it is likely against the rules.

DO NOT take this as a moderator ruling. We do not rule on hypotheticals and hearsay. The actual parties involved must make a complaint (either live or on the forum) and a moderator would investigate. Observers cannot typically make complaints. (Though it has happened when only the observer was aware of what a rulebreaker was doing)

Individuals not involved with the game itself would be advised to not comment unless specifically asked for evidence or testimony. (Which rarely happens) Such actions are violations of the complaint forum rules and individuals may be sanctioned for such actions.

Do not take Obese Pigeon's statement or mine as a "See the mods said you can't." If it is posted directly to the rules (and we would be pretty clear) then like the rules and manifesto they can be referred to. Discussions are not rules. Opinions are not rulings.

Think of this as asking a judge for their opinion rather than a ruling on a case. The circumstances determine the case.

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