New Cycle Development Progress

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New Cycle Development Progress

Post by Jackal »

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give you an update on my progress on the new cycle development work.

I got access to the test server one May 20th, but unfortunately it was the very same day that my wife and I got a new puppy. I also had to take care of him solo the following week, so I got very little done then. I've been making steady progress ever since:

Here's a look at my task list:


  • resolved a TON of missing image bugs on the test server (it seems to be using a newer Mekwars server version)
  • developed and tested a new set of operations for conquer factions
  • reworked and tested new pilot/crew leveling configurations (leveling will be slower, there will be more MaxTech skills and Edge)
  • reworked and tested new economic configurations (revised op payouts)
  • reworked and tested hangar management configurations (going to allow very limited scrapping)
  • cleaned-up the unit build tables
  • significantly revised infantry build tables to make infantry more useful
  • resolve the remaining OMG units and eliminate them from the build tables.
  • finish development of the Pirate and Anti-Pirate operations.
  • package-up the revised client and send it to Spork for web download and Mekwars Updater
  • write-up the cycle announcement
But the key thing is it is almost done! I will hopefully have everything completed and off to Spork by the end of the weekend, and hopefully the new campaign will be up and running sometime next week!

Anyway, just wanted to keep you guys updated. Look foward to kicking this off soon!

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Re: New Cycle Development Progress

Post by obese pigeon »

Just some random thoughts i penned down when i watched the gaming video previously

Ideas (Simplify where possible)
- 3 Ops max
- No frontline / regular commander
- No elo differentiation (is it neccessary to display ELO as well?)

Daily login rewards
Daily play rewards
A chance to get a free unit with a daily play game

A lot of systems are currently at odds with each other.
Most players want moar units, but bay space restricts that
Playing more should be rewarded -> maybe a bigger hanger?

Rewards of the tribe / hunt / self
Faction rewards for hitting certain benchmarks?

Assault mechs should not be a pain. They take lots of resources to acquire, yet there are limited ops to field them in + opponents to play with. Either make them more useable or reduce resource cost and bay cost, which is opportunity cost

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