Cycle Changes

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Cycle Changes

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Here is a list of changes made. I will update as things change or I remember ommissions.

The first thing you will notice is that you have 7 units. Yes. 7 units, 4 light, 3 medium, no heavy or assault, and you cannot purchase heavies or assaults until you earn some experience - not that you have anywhere to put them to begin with. You will earn 1 new bay per 100 exp, so your hangar will grow the more you play.

Also, your hangar *can* go negative, and you are still allowed to activate. When negative, you cannot purchase from factories or the BM, or receive trades from other players, but you can still salvage units and play games.

The map is significantly smaller, making every planet more important. In addition, the lack of hangar space makes bay planets of high importance, and the lack of a significant number of factories makes factory planets of high importance.

You only have 2 currency to work with:
  • RP - used to launch Conquers
  • CBills - used for everything else
Black Market
When users get to a certain experience level, they can sell units on the Black Market.

Fire has been enabled as a default setting. Worried about the infantry in that section of woods? Set it on fire. Worried about that Behemoth in the woods? Set it on fire. Fire is a great equalizer, and in addition will burn down cover. Smoke, by default, will not drift.

Double Blind
Double Blind is off by default. The intention here is to speed up games a bit. Double Blind is a very advanced rule, and does nothing to help keep people here. It is entirely possible that, down the road, I may build an operation with double blind on for those people who want to use it.

There are 4 operations:
  • Tutorial: For SOL games
  • Patrol: non-campaign-impacting
  • Raid: steals units from factory planets
  • Conquer: takes land
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