Operation RP Payout adjusted

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Operation RP Payout adjusted

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The council has decided to hand out more RP per operation, namely:

Op: Attacker/Defender/Winner
Skirmish: 0/1/2
Assault: 0/1/3
Pillage: 0/1/0
Black Water Navy: 1/2/4
When the injustice is great enough, Justice will lend me the strength needed to correct it.
None may stand against it.
It will shatter every barrier, sunder any shield, tear through any enchantment and lend its servant the power to pass sentence.
Know this: there is nothing on all the Planes that can stay the hand of justice when it is brought against them.
It may unmake armies. It may sunder the thrones of gods.
Know that for ALL who betray Justice, I am their fate... and fate carries an Executioner's Axe.

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