New Cycle Announcement

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New Cycle Announcement

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October 3002. Inner Sphere. Border between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League.
Lyran Commonwealth Archon Alessandro Steiner Continues with Operation Concentrated Weakness attempting to form an impenetrable wall against Free World League aggression. Inner Commonwealth worlds have been stripped and nearly all military assets of House Steiner protect the border. Interior worlds are vulnerable.

Free Worlds League Captain-General Janos Marik orders major attacks on Loric and Solaris VII. Janos believes the Lyrans are unaware and unready. His brother, Anton Marik, commands the offensive to take two key border and industrial worlds. Janos believes a successful offensive will set the stage for finally taking the jewel of the Commonwealth, Hesperus II.

Ever scheming, Maximillian Liao has drawn the forces of the Federated Suns into two disasterous ambushes, freeing his forces to take advantage of the coming clash along the Lyran-Free Worlds border. The Enmity between House Marik and House Liao is legendary and it is only a matter of where the skilled and fanatical forces of his warrior houses will strike.

Factions for the new cycle: Lyran Commonwealth, Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation

Victory Conditions: Fulfill both conditions to win: Conditions are subject to verification of the Council of Six and can be changed by Council Vote:

1. 1350 Total Planetary Conquer Points
2. +350 over the 2ND place team

No time limit. Will continue into the next CO6 session if victory is not achieved.

Changes with the new cycle: Reduction of Dense Urban Terrain:

Dense urban terrain has presented two distinct challenges. The potential for very long games of "cat and mouse," and unbalanced games if one player looks to use Indirect Fire with LRMS and Artillery as a primary means of attacking the enemy. A number of solutions to these challenges were discussed. Implementing one change was decided upon. Therefore the Council voted to reduce the instance of dense urban terrain on any world that contained 80% or more dense urban terrain.

The plan was to keep the "urban" nature of the worlds, but substitute less dense or "suburban" style terrain. Other terrains on the world would be expanded in their percentage.
The dense urban terrains were set to 25% and the less dense terrain set to 25%. A few worlds required additional adjustments as they were only dense terrain types. While not 100% one terrain, both existant terrains were dense. In these cases, to quote Tuco. "With 1 or 2 expections so that no planet has more than 25% overall dense city Terrain." So there may be a few exceptions but dense urban terrain should not be common. Note that those worlds with 33% to 66% dense urban terrain we not adjusted as they did not fall under the 80% rule.

The list of substitutions:
Dense -- Less Dense
Industrial Area -- Suburbs
Megalopolis -- Suburbs
Riverside Town -- Scattered Farm
Grid City -- Suburbs
Martian City -- Desert Settlement
Permafrost City -- Desert Settlement
Concrete Fields -- Scattered Farms

Removal of units from build tables:
Karnov AC 20 Vtol
Katana Command Tank

The custom Karnov, while interesting is easily abused and was intended to be removed by the staff some cycles ago. Accidentally using an older build table brought it back. It has been deleted from all tables.
A prior Council voted to remove all command computer units. The Katana was overlooked. Pursuant to the prior action, this unit has been removed from all build tables.

No further changes to the campaign were made. Build tables, costs and operations remain the same.

Three factions were chosen as the number of teams this cycle to concentrate players and create more equitable balance between teams.

The cycle will experience a full reset. All accounts set to zero experience, hangars cleared and players returned to Solaris and allowed to choose a new faction. Note that the 75% hangar penalty for defections from factions other than Solaris, remains in effect.

Additional cycle changes may yet occur as the Council proceeds through it's business, these changes will be made mid-cycle and will not entail a reset.

Have fun and Good Hunting!