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[17:16] >> Enter Ceorl
[!] A Periphery unit is headed to the front lines. You may attack it with Armies 0, 2 and 4. [Report]
Intelligence reports the following attack options:
Army 0:
[Counter-Piracy Incursion]
Army 1:
Army 2:
[Counter-Piracy Assault, Counter-Piracy Incursion]
Army 3:
Army 4:
[Counter-Piracy Assault, Counter-Piracy Incursion]
Army 5:

[17:17] >> Enter Don Carnage
You are on your way to Laconis (Counter-Piracy Assault, -75flu).
You counted towards production (0.6 points worth).
You provide your Mechs with friction-enhancing padding on their feet, so they don't skid on the next-best ice patch. Whether it helps is to be seen, but your soldiers believe in your prophetical idea. (+19 Influence)
[!] A Periphery unit left the front lines and may no longer be attacked. [Report]
Ceorl did not defend a Capellan Confederation attack on Laconis(#0) in time. Periphery lost 16cp from the world, 14602 Heavy Mek components
Ceorl did not defend an Andurien-Canopus Alliance attack on Crawford's Delight(#2) in time. Periphery lost 8cp from the world, 5000 Medium Mek components
Attack #0 was cancelled because no potential defenders remained (+75flu).

5) Being active openly announces your willingness to commit to any game. Stating your intention of playing an arranged game and then going active has no legal, moral or sportsmanship claim over any other player. If you desire to play an arranged game against a specific individual, be sure to use one of the available Attack-From-Reserve, or AFR, operations. The only exception to this rule that will be enforced by the admins and moderators are players who have to retask for any reason. The same exception applies to SOL games.

Unless Ceorl has a resonable explenation it is a 1st Strike
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Re: Ceorl

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Discussion topic opened in Staff forum
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Re: Ceorl

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Sorted out, and no action necessary.
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