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For those who haven´t obseved it yet. The moderaters on this server have some additional members including me and I would like to introduce myself in a short way.

My name is Lumpi and I´m 35 years of age and play this game starting with tabletop since I am 14 years old.

Redarding my behavior:
I can an often be a bit abrassive when communicating online as I have a rather short temper when confronted with things I don´t esteem just or right.
I really hate noobhunting or if one is playing to win at all cost etc. .Sure I play to win too but I go for 8s and 9s or better vs 9s or worse not the 11s vs 13 etc.
I appreciate sportmansship and rather gentle behavior despite my temper :? . Please keep in mind that while my english is good enough to talk and discuss, that it is not my mothertounge.
I prefer the comunicative approach when having to make a judge and try to listen and talk to all involved parties before making a call. This doesn´t mean I will come down as hard as I can one someone if I feel I´m lied to or if I face ppl that willingly bend rules or outright break them. Also I will not hesitate to make a call without imidiate backup by more senior members of moderators or admins. I go by the motto "rather say sorry than shit"

Good hunting and have fun guys and girls.
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