Cycle End!

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Cycle End!

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On Dec 31st the Current Cycle ended.

The Table below shows the ending conquer points. This shows a marginal victory to the Draconis Coombine. Congratulations to Natyogre and the brave warriors of the Combine! However, due to the fact that the DC did not achieve the +3000 Conquer Points established, this is only a marginal victory. No rewards beyond bragging rights will be awarded.

A strong push by the CC in the last month took the momentum away from the DC. Virtually all major action occurred in the central region of the Inner Sphere. The LC and FWL experienced major incursions into their space. The LC lost Skye to the DC and several boarder worlds to the FWL. The FWL lost a number of factory worlds, Oliver, Shiro III, Asuncion and Talitha to mainly the CC.

The DC and FS traded blows on a handful of worlds on the border but neither was able to make real headway against the other. The Fed Suns impressively turned in a third place showing after being crushed early in the cycle.

LC suffered early losses to the FWL and lost nearly an entire sector. After a map rollback, the FWL could never regain their momentum in taking LC worlds but never replicating their feat.

CC and FS traded a few border worlds, with the CC losing and retaking a number of worlds near Terra. The DC experienced similar incursions by the FWL and DC around Terra, ultimately losing Dieron to the CC.

This campaign recreated the classic stalemates of the Third Succession War. Strong moves and initiatives by 3 of the 5 great houses ultimately foundered to strong opposition and counter attacks. While the CC did not conquer as many worlds as the DC, their conquering of a number of FWL factories would greatly change their military standing if this map were to be preserved and used in an ongoing campaign.

The Council would like to note the very small number of complaints and controversies this last cycle. It speaks to the sportsmanship and good nature of our players over the last cycle. We are working feverishly to begin the next campaign and look forward to another active and competitive campaign and successful cycle here on MegaMekNET.

Top Players By ELO
1 Lumpi 1769.87 Capellan Confederation
2 BarukKhazad 1738.1 Lyran Commonwealth
3 Legion 1731.14 Federated Suns
4 McMadMax 1719.13 Capellan Confederation
5 juice14 1713.99 Capellan Confederation
6 Illician Lancers 1712.27 Lyran Commonwealth
7 Weta 1710.55 Free Worlds League
8 LoudFaker 1710.14 Draconis Combine
9 Lischima 1686.81 Lyran Commonwealth
10 obese pigeon 1684.38 Federated Suns

Top Players by Experience
1 marshall1234 15858 Draconis Combine
2 Lumpi 13843 Capellan Confederation
3 Percevil 12822 Free Worlds League
4 Legion 12543 Federated Suns
5 BarukKhazad 10805 Lyran Commonwealth
6 juice14 8129 Capellan Confederation
7 RZeus 7871 Free Worlds League
8 RandolphCarter 7365 Free Worlds League
9 LoudFaker 7084 Draconis Combine
10 Windschreiter 7005 Federated Suns
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