New Cycle Beginning Friday July 1

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New Cycle Beginning Friday July 1

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Cycle Restart with new victory conditions.

The Council of Six has settled on victory conditions allowing us to start a new cycle.

New Victory Conditions:

Cycle End. December 31st.
Early victory conditions: Based on total planetary conquer points. A faction with a score of +3000 will be declared the winner.
Secondary Victory condition: A faction with +3000 conquer points must have 500 or more points than the second place faction. The cycle would continue to the end date or when the first place faction achieves a score 500 or more greater than the second place faction.

The Council of Six has requested a new cycle as reasonably possible from the staff. Spork has indicated that this Friday July 1st, in the evening Pacific time is open. This will be a full map reset and account reset. All players will need to progress through Solaris and choose new factions. Except for Faction Leaders, they are required to join the faction that elected them.

Please be aware that the Council has specifically chosen these rather simple victory conditions to allow them to make additional campaign changes. Those changes will not change victory conditions but will likely add other incentives and rewards for factions to achieve specific goals. Ideas currently being discussed are conquering sectors, Victory Planets (high value worlds designated previously) and capitals.

The Council is also likely to alter the operations at some point in the near future. Operations, including the "Beachhead" mechanic remain unchanged for the time being. We are discussing revising or eliminating this requirement, but it is still in place currently. Additionally, the army building rules with Stairstep requirements AND variable BV spread calculation remain. Please build your armies and plan your attacks accordingly.

Other changes could occur as well, but they will not impact the victory conditions. The Council will keep you appraised of changes as well as decisions to not change or debate topics throughout the cycle.
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