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MegaMekNET Ruleset

Post by Vertigo »

MegaMekNET official rules

1. Introduction

The "rule zero" of the server is that playing on MegaMekNET is a privilege, granted without questions the first time, but revokable at any moment.

This rule set applies to the MekWars server hosting the MegaMekNET campaign. Its purpose is to make the server a fun environment for everyone. It is not supposed to give you a how-to guide to the MekWars software or the MegaMek software. You're encouraged to look in the wiki system, browse the forum, or ask around ingame.

You (the players) are required to know the rules and adhere to them. Ignorance of the rules will most likely lead to trouble for you. The rules don't cover every possible situation in MegaMekNET nor are they phrased to defeat rules-lawyers. They are a guideline. Spirit of the rule is as important as the letter of it. If you are not sure if something you are about to do is in violation of the rules, ask a Moderator. If you are found to have broken the rules you may be penalized, depending on the severity of your infringement.

Administrators are not bound by these rules. Everyone else is.

2. Administrative rules

2.1. Server Admins

The Admins of this server are Spork, Tuco, Bloodknight and Mentawl (ingame names). Others with the admin symbol besides their game nick ("@") are granted this status in order to help with the technical development of the server, but are not in charge of the game.

2.2. Moderators

There are several players entrusted with the status of a moderator. In game you can tell them by the "*" besides their name in the players list.
Those are players picked and trusted by the admins. They help you if you got questions about the rules of this server and they enforce the rules. They also decide on a case by case basis where the rules are not 100% covering a situation. They do not make the rules, however they can issue ad hoc rulings when the need arises, to plug holes in the rule system.

They are held responsible to the admins. If you think you are treated unfairly by a moderator you can tell to the admins.

One advice: the moderators know the rules and more importantly their meaning better than you do. They are picked for their competence and trustworthiness. Consider this before bugging an Admin with your problem.

If you do disagree with a moderator's ruling, you are still expected to comply immediately. You may post a Complaint or Appeal after the fact on the appropriate forum, but arguing and/or attempting to appeal to other admins/moderators before complying may result in further penalties.

Moderators can observe all games without explanation or reason. It is part of their job to do exactly that and you are not allowed to ask them to leave.

Kicking a moderator from a host is a punishable offense.

Lying to a moderator (whether directly or by omission) is a punishable offense.

2.3. Passwords

Upon creating an account on the MegaMekNET server you must register your nickname using the File menu. This way, your account will be protected with the password of your choice. The password you choose is your responsibility. If you give the password to third parties and they abuse your trust you are still held responsible for their actions.

2.4. Multiaccounting

Having more than one account on this server is forbidden. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, all but one of your accounts will be deleted without warning. If you are violating this rule repeatedly, all your accounts will be removed.

In case you and another player share the location from where you play, contact one of the moderators and seek their approval, else you are in violation of this rule. Even if you and the other person are allowed to connect to multiple accounts using one IP, those accounts will have their interaction possibilities reduced by the server code and will also be reciprocally admin-noplayed. Trying to find a way around these software enforced limitation is a breach of this rule and dealt with appropriately.

Exception: Faction players may have one additional SOL account, which may be used only to play other SOL players. The account nickname must follow the pattern "[Coach]PrimaryAccountName". You may only be logged into either your main account or your SOL account, not both simultaneously.

2.5. Forum accounts

When you create an ingame account, you should create a forum account as soon as practical. The game and forum account names must match. If you want to change your ingame/forum name, contact the moderators and ask them for help with this. Rules for game passwords apply to the forum password as well.

3. Game play rules

3.1. Modified clients

Only the versions of MegaMek and MekWars provided with the MegaMekNET download or autoupdate are to be used for resolving games on this server.

There are a number of files that are not to be modified in any way:
  • - Megamek.jar
    - MekWarsClient.jar
    - All unit files in the ./data/mechfiles tree
    - any saved game
Connecting to the MegaMekNET server with modified versions of any of these files can result in harsh penalties.

3.2. MegaMek Settings

There are no MegaMek game options you may change without the explicit consent of your opponent. If your opponent agrees, you are free to change any game option in MegaMek. You are not, however, allowed to change anything concerning your units (pilots, ammunition load out, ejection systems etc.) using the MegaMek lobby.

You can change those things using your MekWars client prior to a game until the game is started (that is, map is fixed with no legal remap options) leaving the server to change your ammo is ok. This does not allow a player to reset the server to get into the lobby, once the map is displayed except in the case of a legal remap (see above).

You are however allowed to change any client settings (you can find these under View - Client Settings in MM).

The core rule is that once in a game (on map screen with no legally allowed remap), the unit configuration is "frozen" until the game resolves.

Exception: If a operation has night or dusk conditions, players are allowed to set spotlights for their units.

3.3. Remap rule

Maps are set by the campaign server using the Random Map Generator. No changes to this are permitted without the explicit agreement of both players. If both players agree, changes may be made, whether to use a smaller map, different RMG settings, or even standard FASA maps.

After the map is generated, at the beginning of the deployment phase, each players is permitted a single unilateral "remap" request, to generate a new map. A remap may be called by a player as long as he has not deployed an own unit. This means that as soon as you place your first unit on the board, you forfeit your right to call a remap, so analyze the map well! (To do this, close the host server, restart it, and rejoin. Do not cancel or restart the task.)

Each players is permitted to do this only once per task, and it does not require that your opponent agree to the remapping.

3.4. Disconnections

Disconnections during a game do happen, don't get upset about it. There are two different kinds of disconnections that are treated differently.

3.4.1. Server side

If a game is interrupted because the main server crashes, then it is treated as if the game never happened: players are not required to retask or continue the game when the server comes back up. If the server is rebooted by an admin, usually warning in advance of such an action, the players are required to either finish the game before the server restart, or to save the game and continue when the server is rebooted. If one of the player doesn't continue after reboot, he will be treated as being disconnected client side, see below.

3.4.2.Client side

If a game is interrupted because one of the players disconnects from the server, the main server waits for 10 minutes before reporting an automatic win for the remaining player (with an additional randomly enforced ejection on the loser's side). Players must not skip their opponents turn while their opponent is disconnected.
If at any time you have this automated procedure not working, report your disconnected game to the Complaint forum following the procedure described in the sticky post in that forum.

3.5. Stalemate

In some cases neither side is able to kill the other and a stalemate arises.
  • - If this happens due to both sides being crippled and unable to move/shoot anymore it is suggested that you use the /roll command to determine a winner.
    - If this happens because neither side is willing to leave their defensive position and get into weapons range it is suggested that you cancel the task.
In any case both players have to agree to whatever they chose to resolve this situation. Unilateral decisions, as well as intentional disconnections, will be treated as severe rule violations.

If the players cannot reach an agreement, call in a Moderator. The Moderator will then try and find a solution you will agree to.

3.6. Intentional Delay

Basically this means that you try to hide from your opponent without leaving the map for a prolonged period of time, effectively wasting your opponent's time doing so.This is a highly subjective decision but there are some guidelines as how to tell tactic from delay:
  • - If you move constantly as to break LOS though you are within your weapon's range, you are most likely violating this rule.
    - If you're not using the cover to get closer to your opponent but instead to force him to get closer to you, you are most likely violating this rule.
    - if you take excessive amounts of time to move/shoot/look at the resolutions you are most likely violating this rule (means: don't surf the net while you play a game. You wouldn't want your opponent in a RL game go read a newspaper while he should be playing you either, would you?)
3.7. Bugs & Loopholes

This game (actually, both MekWars and MegaMek) is an open source project created with the free time of coders who think it's worth their time. It's not a commercial product AND it is in constant development. So expect to encounter bugs sooner or later.

In case of a MegaMek bug, try and resolve it in a way that affects the game as little as possible. That is, if you can simulate correct behaviour by NOT doing something (e.g. not use a jammed weapon MegaMek would allow you to use, not use a JumpJet that should have been offline due to any reason but is not), you're required to do so.

If it is not possible to simulate correct behaviour (for example, to get a certain roll be passed or failed), play on and take it as part of the game. And be sure to post a bug report on the appropriate forum. If for any reason you must load an earlier save to continue, you must redo the same moves/targetting decisions again after reloading. This does not include reproducing possible PSR results, detonation of mines etc.

In case of a MekWars bug, report it to the forums as well. If you get any benefit off this bug, stop abusing it. If you suffered some loss, ask a Moderator, and he can reimburse you. Usually they can in case of cash/influence/XP/unit losses. In any case, it's their call to reimburse you or not.

If you find a way to get ahead of your fellow players abusing a more or less obvious loophole in the system, report it to a Moderator (private mail, ingame or on forum is suggested here) and don't use it. Exploiting bugs, and using game features in ways not intended to be used can result in harsh punishment.

3.8 Throwing games

Throwing games gives you an unfair advantage (cash/xp without any risk) at the expense of your fellow house members. This is against the rules.
Defining when a game is thrown or when it is ok to surrender is very tricky.

As a rule of thumb: if you don't try to fight, you are more than likely throwing the game. (So ask yourself honestly: am I runnig away coz i cannot win or because i don't like my opponents nose, his army or his camo pattern?)
If you are not sure, if you or your opponent is throwing a game, call in a moderator. In case of doubt they are the ones who find the right decisions.

3.9 Ending the game
After players have agreed on how to end the game by entering the /victory and /defeat command, they are required to finish the turn without declaring further weapon or physical attacks.

3.9.1 Surrender is not a right
Most often, a request to be allowed to surrender is granted. However, it's not required that it be granted and your opponent may attach stipulations (eject a unit etc.) This is his/her right.

3.9.1b Sometimes Real Life Takes Precedence
When Real Life forces a player to cut short a game, there are 3 options:
  • -The other player may agree to continue the game later. In this case, the game should be saved with an easily remembered name, and both involved armies disabled and not modified in any way until the game is resolved.
    -The other player may agree to cancelling the game.
    -The other player may require surrender, and may (at his/her discretion) require a unit be ejected. In this case, the unit to be ejected will be chosen by the surrendering player.
4. Community rules

4.1. Chat

This one is pretty simple: treat your fellow players kindly and with respect. This does not only mean those in your faction but ALL players on the server. They may be your game opponents but it IS only a game.

A basic concept that is often ignored: this is not a role playing server. Even if you identify with your faction and have the strong urge to hate, belittle and insult all the other factions, don't do it. None of us are born Liao/Davion/whatever but we all are players who want to enjoy a game. And for the most of us this does not include being insulted.

If in doubt follow this simple rule: if someone tells you (via Private Message, Faction Channel or main chat even if not explicitly directed at you) that he feels insulted or offended by something you or someone else said, stop immediately.

Moderators do watch the chat and you will be muted/banned/fined for violating the chat rules.

Any kind of racist or overly-offensive language can and will be fined even if no one is complaining directly. This is a public server, behave as if you're in a public place. In the interests of not stifling mainchat, colorful language will generally be tolerated, assuming that it is not directed at anyone, and nobody currently online is offended by it. Be prepared to tone it down if anyone expresses actual offense.

Remember that moderators and administrators do watch every channel you can read from and/or write in. Basically there are no "private" channels, even if most of them are not "public" (as defined as "viewable by player"). Even personal messages are logged, and staff has complete access to them.

4.2. Forum

The same rules for the chat are valid for the forum. Some additional things are to be considered, though:

If you start a thread, be sure to use the appropriate forum. A short description of the forums content is given in the index.

If you answer in a thread, try and stay on topic. Excessive thread hijacking can lead to post deletions by forum moderators.

4.3. Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers are generously provided by other players. They are exclusively reserved for games where neither side is able to host. That means if one of the involved players can host, his host is to be used instead of one of the dedicated servers.

5. Punishments

5.1 Three strikes system

MegaMekNET uses a three strikes punishment system: the moderators and administrators give you up to three warnings to reconsider your behavior and clean up your act if they catch you cheating or doing something against these rules.

At the first strike you will lose 10% of your XP and your money, or upto 1'000 XP and 10'000 cbills, whichever is more.

At the second strike, it will be 25% XP/money or upto 5'000 XP and 50'000 cbills, whichever is more.

At the third and final strike, having proving yourself totally uncorrectable and unable to behave in a social environment like MegaMekNET, your account will be deleted and eventually you will be banned from the server.

Such punishments will be announced publicly. There's an appeal system in place, described in the appropriate post in the Complaints forum: viewtopic.php?t=108

5.2 Non-strike Punishments

Very often, moderators feel free to apply lighter punishments than a strike, to remind you that you did something wrong, but without issuing a formal strike. Such punishments include, but are not limited to, kicking you out of chat, muting you, banning your account/IP from the server for a limited time, forcing you to forfeit a game, applying some game resource reduction (XP, money, RP, units, pilots, meks, etc.), forcing you to defect to other factions, etc.

5.3 Administrative Punishments

Administrators can go even further in either direction. Besides the aforementioned actions, they can, and will if necessary, permanently ban the troublesome player, prevent him from accessing the game server or the forum server, and even deleting his account without warning.

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Post by Vertigo »

Added the rule 3.3. "Remap rule", which was left out by mistake.

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Post by BeeRockxs »

Clarified point 3.2 so that it is clear that client settings can be changed by players however they like.

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Post by Hotshot »

29.03.2008 - Added Spotlights for night missions to section 3.2


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Post by Ching Tsian »

Added a rule about throwing games. Too bad it was neccesary.

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Post by Thranritter »

Re-added a paragraph on "Ending the game" (3.10).

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Post by Thranritter »

Added 4.3. regarding dedicated hosts.

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Post by Tuco »

removed artillery composition restrictions.
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Post by Thranritter »

Added paragraph 3.4.3 on Double Disconnections. A temporary measure to fix a loophole that's seen a bit of abuse over time.

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Post by Mentawl »

Modified 3.4.2 to make it clear players must not skip an opponents turn if they get disconnected.

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Post by Mentawl »

Modified 2.4.

Exception: you may have one additional SOL account, which may be used only to play other SOL players. You must only be logged into either your main account or your SOL account, not both simultaneously.

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Re: MegaMekNET Ruleset

Post by Bloodknight »

Modified 2.2, read the last sentence.

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Re: MegaMekNET Ruleset

Post by Orca »

2.2 Added lying to moderators
2.3 Removed reference to forum account being created when registering account (Not the case at this time)
2.4 Clarified SOL [Coach] Account exception
2.5 Reworked the forum account requirements, as forum accounts are no longer created automatically
3.4.3 Removed the double disconnect rule. This is a rare abuse and is covered by the "Spirit of the rule is as important as the letter of it." clause
3.7 Added clause about reproducing previous moves/targeting after a loading an earlier save.
3.9.1 added
3.9.1b added

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