Banning of Ceorl for 1 Month Ceorl Vs Giles

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Banning of Ceorl for 1 Month Ceorl Vs Giles

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Due to the violation of Rule Section 3.8 you have been banned for 1 month.

It should be well known throughout the server, and after your long tenure that ejecting units to take a loss before shots are fired is against the rules. Please take this time to re familiarize yourself with the server rules.

[11:02] New Game: :#0 Giles[FS] is attempting a Bandit Reprisal on Novo Franklin (Units: 1 Meks 4 Vees / BV: 2539). Ceorl[P] is defending (Units: 4 Meks 1 Vees / BV: 2570) [11:02] Giles [FS]: here we go [11:08] Finished Game: Federated Suns attacked and defeated Periphery on Novo Franklin (Bandit Reprisal). [11:08] hellfire [FS]: he give up? [11:08] Giles [FS]: You defeated Ceorl[P] on Novo Franklin (Bandit Reprisal). The Striker Light Tank (Standard) survived the battle. Captain Michelle Blanc gained 46 XP. The Tiger Medium Tank T-12 survived the battle. Sarah the Black gained 46 XP. The LCT-3V survived the battle. Leftenant Wilma Bishop gained 46 XP. The Scorpion Light Tank (Standard) survived the battle. Eric the Viking gained 46 XP. The Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard) survived the battle and advanced a level. Leftenant Rhiannon McAllister is now 3/5 [Old BV: 605/New BV: 726]. You recovered Ceorl's LCT-1E. The pilot survived. New Pilot: Leftenant Beatrix Turner [4/4] Your new Rating is 1578.06 (+4.39) Net Pay: +3775 CBills (Gross Pay: +3777 CBills Bay Rental: -2 CBills) You earned 30 Influence and 36XP. [11:09] Giles [FS]: Don't go active if you don't want to fight lol [11:09] hellfire [FS]: i just attacked him [11:10] Giles [FS]: He cried about my army being too tough [19:15] Serena [FS]: [13:14] Serena [FS]: did ceorl actually attack you Giles or eject and suurender? [13:14] Giles [FS]: I blinded him [13:14] Serena [FS]: i mean in fight did you kill that locust or did he just eject at the beginning? [13:15] Giles [FS]: he ejected after unit placement [13:15] Giles [FS]: no shots were fired

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