Simfire and targeting disclosure - mod ruling

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Simfire and targeting disclosure - mod ruling

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A known problem with simfire is that players lose information about which unit their opponents are firing at. Normally this is not a problem in the course of a normal game, and can mostly be overlooked.

However, problems occur when one or more of the combatants is using large amounts of inferno ammo. Countering heat causing attacks requires information on where said attacks are directed, information which a game with simfire lacks. In other words, simfire games + inferno ammunition is quite broken.

Here is the mod ruling to address this issue, and preserve a sense of fair play:

A player should disclose targeting information when requested by his/her opponent in a game with simfire enabled.

This is a general ruling for simfire games and does not just apply to games with inferno present. I expect that in most "normal" games, targeting information should not be requested regularly. In games with inferno ammunition, targeting information may have to be disclosed frequently.

Note that since we play with double blind, a player should not request targeting information of a unit he is not able to see. So for example, if a player A is shelling player B with artillery fire or IDF fire from units that player B is unable to see, player A also has no obligation to provide targeting information of the hidden units

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