If I Knew Java Code

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If I Knew Java Code

Post by BLOODWOLF » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:29 pm

1. Would make Mekwars a little bit more like HQ

2. Players would pick or randomly start out on a planet in their nation

3. And would have to come up with how much time each `Tick` is so that travelling from one planet to the next would take however many ticks.

4. Opposing factions cannot see what planets have players on them (fog of war)

5. Come up with a system to either send recon probes or spies to a planet to determine if there is a player force (front line) on the planet you want to attack or if there is not a player and its just a planetary militia (princess bot). And all of that factions players could hover their mouse over the planet and see "planetary militia X ticks old" or "this players force X ticks old".

6. Would take however many ticks for the probe or spies to reach the planet the player wants to attack and then that many ticks to return to the player with a 2D6 roll to determine whether the probe/spies made it back with intell of what is on planet or if they were discovered. Which then alerts that faction that the attacking players probe/spies were caught on this planet to give away their plans in that faction's faction channel that "this factions spies/probes were caught on this planet".

7. So even if your probe/spies tell you there is no front line player force on planet that info is still however many ticks old so by the time you get there a player force may show up.

8. Planets without players on them that are attacked the attacker just faces the planetary militia (princess bot) so a player could go a whole cycle only fighting princess if they wanted to and were able to avoid other players. (for new joins)

9. and wouldnt even mess with flu, would use ticks, the distances of the factories, and the distances to foreign planets you want to conquer and having to wait a tick before attacking the same planet your on again to slow everyone's roll.

10. however much time one Tick equals that faction would generate monthly revenue for all its players based off how many planets they own. More planets a faction conquers the more monthly revenue is generate for each player to buy more units

11. And when you purchase a unit it comes from whatever factory on whatever planet and you tell it what planet to send that unit to and takes however many ticks to get there

12. And if an enemy player is attacking a foreign planet they can stay there and keep attacking that planet until they get 100% or an enemy player's front line forces arrive and kick them off the planet. But after a battle on a foreign planet it sends a message to that faction's faction channel that this planet was just attacked so they can start sending in back up to protect it.

13. Multiple players can occupy the same planet and gang up on an invader if they choose but, will spread out their forces and maybe leave other planets vulnerable. Also allows for feints and diversionary raids to get the enemy to move their forces to a specific front so that your secret ally can then attack their weaker front. Allow more than 1 vs 1 player battles.

14. After a battle have to wait until the next tick before attacking the foreign planet your on again and hope a player's front line forces dont show up to rain on your parade. Also gives you time to field repair your units.

15. After gaining 100% of a foreign planet all of the attacking factions players get a $$$ bonus for it (in case its more than just one player conquering the planet)

16. The Princess Bot's forces would be generated from the RATs or build tables whatever you guys use and match the attacking players BV +/- 500.

17. If someone attacks a planet that is occupied by a players forces who is not logged in then the attacker would just face princess and consider the front line unit to be on the other side of the planet and out of the battle. If that player conquers the planet who a logged out player's forces are on then those forces are displaced to the nearest planet of that logged out players faction.

18. Players could have multiple armies that are all on different planets and if more than one of their armies are attacked at the same time could try and play two megamek games at once or just tell one of the attackers "I will do our fight after im done with this guy". And just pause that second battle temporarily. Might not work idk, Im sure a teammate would prob send his force over to kick that invader off that planet while their teammate was in another battle.

19. And players could instead choose to just conduct training exercises on the planet they are on right now vs princess, no damage, no cost, no dead pilots, and gain reduced XP just so new players can get some experience and test out their force.

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