Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

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Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

Post by juice14 »

Dear all, has anyone explored putting this on an app for mobile? I imagine if you have a Windows tablet you could do MM on it... but how about Android / iOS? Just asking?

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Re: Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

Post by Spork »

I have not looked into it. I don't know the first thing about app programming. My wife tells me there is unlimited money in it...
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Re: Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

Post by Ares »

I just remember this 2014 post about android. I don't know if there is any other input about it.


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Re: Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

Post by maelstorm »

Wow that far back?? hehe. I still haven't gone back to trying to get java to run on an android tablet as i've swapped my tablet to an ipad (but my phone stays android) I am going to re-new my attempt at getting java on it. I belive most of it should work once java is running. The biggest problem will be to sort out mouse vs touch screen and no esc button to back up move choices.

it seemed to run OK via bVnc but the keyboard limitations hurt. it may be better with newer Android phones as the samsung phones now come with a micro usb => full usb size adapter and you should be able to use any usb keyboard (i've actually used an xbox 360 and xbox 1 controller with my phone)

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Re: Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

Post by Erich »

I'd rather prefer not to play NOT vs anyone on mobile. It just makes no sense to want to play a 2h+ battletech game when you are on the move. Some players already need 2min+ for each turn, cant imagine playing vs them on a mobile.

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Re: Mekwars on mobile (Android/iOS)

Post by Orca »

As they do not support Java, this would seem to be a non-starter to me.

(In other words, *everything* would have to be coded again from scratch)

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