Scrap chance for engines not working

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Scrap chance for engines not working

Post by Jackal »

I've been testing ops settings:
  • GyroedUnitsScrappedChance=50
I used two accounts. Account A had my normal admin account, and account B is so I can test ops. I gave account B four Talon's (which have XL engines) and then had those talons lay down someplace Account A's mechs could shoot and kick them in the right torso. Worked beatifully, I was able to engine kill several mechs this way.

Unfortunately EnginedUnitsScrappedChance=100 didn't seem to result in any scrapping.

I tested 2 of 3 possible scenarios:
- attacker wins, defender recovers own mechs (tested)
- attacker wins, attacker recovers all mechs (tested)
- defender wins, defender recovers own mechs (didn't test)

I didn't test gyro scrap chance, legged scrap chance or 'forced' scrap chance, but I assume the are broken as well.

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Re: Scrap chance for engines not working

Post by TigerShark »

I've noticed this as well. A desirable "scrapped" outcome has come about occasionally, but the numbers seem...fishy.

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Re: Scrap chance for engines not working

Post by Spork »

I will need to run this in a debug environment to see what's changed. I'll let you know what I find.
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