Are Quirks supposed to be "on"?

Issues with the server software (not campaign)

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Are Quirks supposed to be "on"?

Post by Deadweight »

Baruk and I had a game last night and after about 6 turns we noticed that he was getting a +1 to his init every turn.

After looking into things we noticed he was getting that bonus from a command quirk his Atlas had.

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Re: Are Quirks supposed to be "on"?

Post by TigerShark »

There's still an issue with Quirks, if I remember correctly. Even when the default quirks are assigned, they load randomly upon entering the MegaMek client. Sometimes they load, sometimes they don't. Is this still an issue Spork/Tuco?

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Re: Are Quirks supposed to be "on"?

Post by Tuco »

Needs to be tested and examined, and does not seem to be a MMNet-specific bug. Thus, moving.
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