NEW Repair bug ??

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NEW Repair bug ??

Post by AP514 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:57 am

After a game I was try'n to repair a few meks WTH-S,SHD-2H....
I have 2 of each Green tech's and Regular....
I got to the manual repair screen and the cost and time both were Zero's
1) Tried to change tech's- no help
2) Tried to click on a diff. part of armor that was damaged-no help
3) Tried to relog-no help
4) Tried to click on internals(numbers came up) then back to armor..but the numbers were still for internals. But Armor repaired at the correct rate for that type of Tech....
I got the meks repaired use'n that method but took along time..realy do not want to have to resort to auto repair it is costly.....

Anyone else have'n this problem ??


P.S. oops...I see this is posted in bugs under Game Engine...

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