VTOL displacement bug

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VTOL displacement bug

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My opponent had a VTOL at about elevation 4 or 5, over land. I attempted a DFA on the VTOL, missed and the VTOL was displaced over a water hex but the unit was destroyed as if it were a land unit displaced into water.

Physical attacks for Ostscout OTT-7J (Mock26)
Attempting death from above on Warrior Attack Helicopter H-7 (Serena); needs 10, rolls 4 : misses.
Warrior Attack Helicopter H-7 (Serena) is displaced into hex 3028.
*** Warrior Attack Helicopter H-7 (Serena) DESTROYED by a watery grave! ***
Ostscout OTT-7J (Mock26) falls into hex 3128.
Ostscout OTT-7J (Mock26) falls on its rear, suffering 12 damage.

Additional Information

Serena and I tested this out on a non-campaign battle and we replicated the maneuver, with the VTOL set at elevation 5. The DFA missed, the VTOL was displaced over a water hex, and was destroyed by watery death. We then replicated the situation but with woods behind the VTOL. The DFA missed and the VTOL was displaced normally and was not destroyed.
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