Player disconnected from MekWars but not MegaMek

Issues with the server software (not campaign)

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Player disconnected from MekWars but not MegaMek

Post by Mock26 »

NordShield and I started out on a Tutorial at around 11:44 but shortly after the game started it showed him as having disconnected but he was still in the game and we were still playing. I actually did not notice anything amiss until BrownAdept sent me a message asking if I was playing by myself. When I looked in the main page it did not show NordShield at all. He and I were still playing the game, making our moves, etc.. 10 minutes after he was shown as having disconnected the game automatically resolved. When I noticed what had happened I suggested that we end the game, which we did. I have suggested that NordShield not play in any games until this is resolved as it happened to him earlier today against another player (Schwatti).

We were in the Blitzkreig ded.

Main Channel info:

[11:44] ********
[!] A Solaris Training Company unit is headed to the front lines. You may attack it with Army 0. [Report]
You are on your way to Solaris (Tutorial - Ground).
vs Intel Report: Nothing is known about your enemy. Good luck! Planet Name: Solaris Terrain Type: Lightly Wooded (temperate) Visibility is : 1800 meters
#0 Mock26[CS] is attempting a Tutorial - Ground on Solaris (Units: 4 Meks / BV: 3720). NordShield[SOL] is defending (Units: 4 Meks / BV: 3599)
Retrieving Operation Data Please Wait..
[11:48] ********
[11:51] >> Exit NordShield
NordShield disconnected. You will win by forfeit if he does not return within 10 min.
You counted towards production (1 points worth).
[11:56] ********
[11:56] ********
[11:57] ********
Time expired. GAME RESOLVED AUTOMATICALLY. You defeated NordShield[SOL] on Solaris (Tutorial - Ground). The PXH-1 survived the battle. Lt. Johan Edgar gained 0 XP. The FS9-H survived the battle. Sgt. Joan Edgar II gained 0 XP. The WVR-6R survived the battle. Lt. Jimbo Edgar gained 0 XP. The STG-3G survived the battle. Sgt. Jo Jo Edgar II gained 0 XP. Net Pay: +1,146 CBills (Gross Pay: +1,146 CBills) You earned 20 Influence, 50XP and 2 RP. [Use RP]
You are immune to attack for 300 seconds. [Deactivate]
You've left the front lines to repair and refit, and are now in reserve.
Mini Campaigns are disabled on the server!
[12:03] ********
[12:03] ********
[12:04] Max Albritten [CC]: Yea, he keeps disappearing from the main client, but stays in the deds
[12:05] ********
[12:05] ********
[12:05] ********
[12:05] ********
[12:05] ********
[12:06] >> Enter NordShield

Irrelevant comments have been removed but timestamps left in place to show sequence of events.

Game status info:

4m ago: [Attacker: Mock26 / Defender:NordShield / Type: Tutorial - Ground / Start BV: 7319 / Duration: 13m]
Comstar attacked and defeated Solaris Training Company on Solaris (Tutorial - Ground).

Miscellaneous info:

I do not know if it matters but NordShield said that he ran the auto updater this past Sunday:

[12:13] NordShield [SOL]: i ran the auto update file after sunday when i played adept, i played a game fine yesterday. then today ive had problems

I have removed all of the rewards that were granted to me but I did not do the same for NordShield. One thing to note is that before the game he had 80 XP but after the game he had 92.

You've been granted -1,146 CBills from Mock26
You granted -1,146 CBills to Mock26
You've been granted -20flu from Mock26
You granted -20flu to Mock26
You've been granted -50 EXP from Mock26
You granted -50 EXP to Mock26
Mock26 granted you -2 Reward Points.
You granted -2 Reward Points to Mock26
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