How to find a MekWars Server

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How to find a MekWars Server

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The largest MekWars servers list themselves on the project's public tracker. Head over to the tracker and click on the name of a server which seems interesting. You'll either be redirected to that server's homepage, or begin downloading a client directly.

Things players shouldn't do:
1) Don't download the client from SourceForge. The project distributes a dataless client. Server Admins/Operators add their own units, terrains, and other vital data. Without the admin additions, playing games is impossible. Save yourself some trouble, and just download a package directly from the server you want to play on (see above).

2) Don't connect to a server with another server's client. You shouldn't try to join MMNET with a Clan Homeworlds client, CHW with a Totaltech client, etc. Each server uses its own, distinct data. If you try to use a client which was not built to work on a particular server, there will be all sorts of funky errors, and you won't be able to play games.

3) Don't install multiple clients in one honkin' huge MekWars directory. As noted above, each client has its own, unique data. If you put everything in one directory, bad things will happen. Just trust us on this one.

Things players should definitely do:
1) Take the time to read the rules. Although some common-sense rules are shared by all servers (don't harass other players, etc), there are many small differences between the various rulesets. Make sure you know what the rules are before playing.

2) Be gracious. The server admins and mods are overworked, unpaid, volunteers. Every server has some problems, and their respective staffers are constantly working to make the environments better. If you have a problem, calmly bring it up with a moderator or calmly post in the forums. Someone will help you, as best they can, as soon as possible.

3) Use a modern version of Java!

Have fun, and happy hunting!

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