MekWars need java! Here's how to get it..

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MekWars need java! Here's how to get it..

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MekWars will only run on the newest versions of Java. For now, that means the program requires JVM 1.5.0_04, or better.

Windows Users
Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP users can download Java from Sun. Although some Windows machines include a Microsoft implementation of Java, which can run some STABLE versions of MegaMek itself, Sun Java is absolutely required for MekWars. You can get it from or

Linix Users
*nix users can get Java; however, ease of installaction varies. Many distributions make getting Java very easy. Some (sorry, Slackware lovers) make it rather hard. Others make it simple (Install via Yast in Suse, or use Debian/Unbuntu's java-package. Linux users have had good luck with Sun's Java and Blackdown Java. MekWars CANNOT run using the open-source GNU-Classpath.

Mac Users
Sadly, only users with OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or better will be able to run MekWars, unless Apple decides to release a 1.5 compliant JVM for older versions of OS X. New machines have 1.5 installed by default. If you have Tiger and DON'T have Java 1.5, run Software Update and get J2SE 5.0 Release 4.

Other OS's
A couple Solaris users have run MekWars on their systems using Sun's Java. I don't know anyone using MekWars on *BSD, BeOS, or AmigaOS. If you're able to get a client started with a different JVM or new operating ssytem, please let Torren know!

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