MekWars Dominion: Simple Campaign [October 12, 2019]

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MekWars Dominion: Simple Campaign [October 12, 2019]

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I will be restarting our online BattleTech campaign, set in the Star League era, this Saturday, October 12, 2019. There will be a minimal set of rules, as detailed below. Join up and play!

Download: ...

  1. You may nominate one commander per full Lance. A full Lance is (4) non-support 'Mechs or vehicles.
  2. Commanders are either the most-skilled unit in your army or the highest BV. The player may choose.
  3. You may bring one Support Unit per (4) non-support 'Mechs or vehicles.
  4. Minimum BV for games is 4,000 BV.
  5. Players may request a "no Aero" game. If they request this from you, you may request that they don't bring (1) type of support, in return.
  6. All games are arranged. Players discuss a BV range they wish to play in (ex.: 6,000 - 8,000 BV) Both players use the "roll" command in Main Chanel (type "/roll"). The winner announces the target planet and BV. The defender then builds to the terrain on that planet and announces their BV. The attackers sends and AFR ("attack from reserve").
  7. If you are attacking a planet where you hold 0%, it is customary to allow the defender to attack for your next game if they are the winner. This is not mandatory, but a courtesy.
  • Aerospace Fighter
  • Artillery
  • Conventional Fighter
  • Light Infantry (2 Foot Platoons, or 1 Foot Platoon + APC)
  • Medium Infantry (1 Mechanized, Motorized, Tracked, Wheeled, Jump, or Hover Platoon)
  • Heavy Infantry (1 Field Gunner platoon)
  • VTOL

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