How does Megamek talk to Mekwars

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How does Megamek talk to Mekwars

Post by Ravage »

Ok, so this is something that i've been trying to work out for a bit now, as Im trying to have a nodejs script monitor a game and pull data from it. When I connect to the port all it does is come up with garbage, I cant seem to deconstruct. Is it hashed? or in some form of custom format. I've looked at the mekwars source and megamek source, but I cant seem to locate the functions/methods that does the talking between mekwars and megamek.
Any assistance would be awesome! Thanks!

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Re: How does Megamek talk to Mekwars

Post by BeeRockxs »

It's basically serialized Java Objects.

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Re: How does Megamek talk to Mekwars

Post by Spork »

Mekwars implements the GameListener interface (I think that’s the name). This takes events generated by the Game object and does what it needs to do.

It also the main reason I haven’t figured out a way to implement an HTML mekwars client.
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