MekWars: Dominion - Simple Campaign III

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MekWars: Dominion - Simple Campaign III

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November 12, 2021

MekWars: Dominion is a MegaMek & MekWars campaign set in the 2765 era, just prior to the Star League Civil War. You may choose from any of the major factions of the time: Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Federated Suns, Free Worlds League, Lyran Commonwealth, Rim Worlds Republic, or the Territorial States.

  • You may nominate one commander per full Lance. A full Lance is (4) non-support 'Mechs or vehicles.
  • Commanders must be designated to play. Commanders are either (1) the most-skilled or (2) the highest BV unit in your army. The player may choose.
  • You may bring one Support Unit per (4) non-support 'Mechs or vehicles.
  • You may bring one Support Unit per (4) non-Support 'Mechs or vehicles.
  • Minimum BV for games is 4,000 BV.
  • Players may request a "no Aero" game. If so, the opponent may request that one other Support type (Artillery or VTOL) be excluded as well.
  • All games are arranged.

    1. Players discuss a BV range they wish to play in (ex.: 6,000 - 8,000 BV)
    2. Both players use the "roll" command in Main Chanel (type "/roll"). The winner announces the target planet and BV.
    3. The defending player may adjust his BV (within +/- 150 BV of the attacker) to the planet's terrain and announces their BV.
    4. The attacking player sends an Attack-From-Reserve, or "AFR."
  • If you are attacking a planet where you hold 0%, it is customary to allow the defender to attack for your next game if they are the winner. This is not a rule, but a courtesy.
  • Aerospace Fighter
  • Artillery
  • Conventional Fighter
  • VTOL
  • If you are given free mines during deployment, they may be set to a 10-point strength each, maximum.
  • Each player is allowed (1) opportunity to remap (resetting the map from within the dedicated host). This is to avoid unplayable maps.


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