Punishment of Smokealotapotamus

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Punishment of Smokealotapotamus

Post by Jellybean » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:03 am

Jellybean banned smokealotapotamus permanently.

For a unique blend of stupid and rude 'smokealotapotamus' has been banned permanently.

I won't repost the logs but the lessons from this tale are:

1. Don't swear in main
2. Don't abuse anyone, especially not admins and devs
3. Don't threaten to punch an admin... :?

Also, when a mod has been kind enough to mute ... instead of kick banning on the spot... take the PM asking you to calm down and obey the rules seriously. Do not reply that you won't obey the rules ... because we'll just remove you.

It is your right to appeal this decision.

As an aside, we usually 'strike' to give people the opportunity to modify their behaviour, when you make it clear that you have no intention of changing I see little point in dragging things out and subjecting the server to more random abuse and your offensive attitude. That said, a bit of contrition goes a long way.

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