Allowing for custom weapons to be put in - update with ease

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Allowing for custom weapons to be put in - update with ease

Post by Ravage » Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:09 pm

Hi Guys,

An idea thats been floating around in my head of late for MM.

Would it be possible to add in a component that allows you to load weapons from a manual list that could be added to and subtracted from to allow additional weapons to come in from newer books as they become available for those who want to play them right away.

Now I understand this would require a major undertaking, but I could see the benefits making it a lot easier to add weapons in the future (non weapon equipment would be a different factor...)

Obviously you would have to have 2 lists - one for weapons, one for ammo.

For example - an iATM weapon - which I would love to see in megamek could look like this:

Weapon_Name: iATM_3
Weapon_Base_Type: iATM
Type: Missile
Shots: 3
Ammo_Type: iATM
Ammo_Shots_Per_Ton: 20
Crits: 2
Tonnage: 1.5

And the Ammo one would look like:
Ammo_Type: iATM
Type: Missile
Ammo_Sub_type: Extended_Range
Range: 4/9/18/27
Damage_Per_Missile: 1
Crits: 1

I would love to see this implemented as it would make putting in the latest new weapons in the game easy for everyone.


EDIT - title was a bit incorrect, customer?? sorry I'll get off the crack now.

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