I laid the smackdown on a Cybersquatter

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I laid the smackdown on a Cybersquatter

Post by Nastyogre » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:03 pm

I thought some of you might enjoy this

I have a Little story...
I was contacted by a domain broker for the domain that best matches my company name. Somebody had held the domain for years. It had apparently expired last year, the prior owner of ITS knew who the domain holder was and their asking price for InternationalTranslationServices.com was outrageous The prior domain holder let it go in 2017. I bought my company in 2018, but was told by the prior owner that they had checked recently and it was still held by the other party. Turned out not to be true, they hadn't checked recently. Lots of things they said weren't entirely true.

Anyway, a new broker picked it up. They promptly offered to sell me the domain for $600. A reasonable price actually. However, it's the definition of cybersquatting. So I investigated the process and cost of taking them to court and I talked with my good friend and personal IT consultant on what I needed to do. There were many similar domains for very little. I could get those. He also uncovered they whole expiration and pickup by the squatter. Long story short, I threatened to file a complaint and take the domain, in court if necessary. They transferred the domain to me, free of charge. I now own the domain InternationalTranslationServices.com. Whoot! Guess what business website it getting an upgrade?

THAT is Ogresmashing.

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Re: I laid the smackdown on a Cybersquatter

Post by Ceorl » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:20 am

An annoying and common tactic. Glad to hear you did your due diligence.

Nice little business plug btw ;)

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Re: I laid the smackdown on a Cybersquatter

Post by obese pigeon » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:44 am

Sweet, happy for you Nasty. A small win for sure, but hey we all need those!

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