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Signing out Wiki Pages by Major_Frantic

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This is for team members and a general note to the public ... so they don't start erasing an editor's name off a page.

A signout rule for Wiki Editing

Before doing a detailed re-edit of a page, please sign out that page ... so no one else will edit it while you're working on it. (Some folks like to edit offline, so it may not be apparent they have begun working on that page otherwise.)

Sign out a page by doing a quick edit that puts your wiki name link at the top of the page. (This is one of the reasons you all need to create a "wikipage" of yourself, so I can do an easy search of what pages are signed out and by whom.)

Do not remove your name until you've cleared all the FixMe, ScreenPic, ToDo or other Wiki editing team links and are ready to put FinalProof on the page.

Signing out a page makes it your responsibility to push for needed information. You can do this both by putting the FixMe or ToDo links on and by posting a notice or requests for information in our forums for any answers that you don't know. Remember to use the forums because other team members/admins might have your answer.


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