Staff and Dev Suggestions For The Next Cycle

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Re: Staff and Dev Suggestions For The Next Cycle

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I can't speak for Orca of course, nor would I. Expecting some light play is something of a nod to the Btech universe. Lights are supposed to be pretty common.

I do see Fahr's point. We had an economy that pretty much necessitated light play. It wasn't particularly popular. Not having that seems to be more acceptable to more players now. Other than a more "canon" view towards hangar makeup, I'm not sure I see the benefit to expecting light play. It pushes weaker players (the players that couldn't win 50% of their heavy/assault games) into playing units that are harder to win with and are more susceptible to the quirks of the game system, specifically initiative streaks, and outnumbering your opponent.

I think a tighter economy might be a good thing, despite the increased costs unit cycling was easier than in cycles past. You know you can always replace units so you can afford to spend Cbills on bays, scrap and donation.

I actually question the need for RP at all. If we have a single unified table for each faction and the common, those should incorporate the chances for rares. Unless RP are only usable for rare pulls. Rewarding active players with stronger units (who are liable, though not always, to be stronger because they are more active) seems to be reinforcing a group of players that doesn't need it, and I am member of that group. Cbills for units, repairs, bays, heck even Flu. Why have more than one currency? That is a simpler economy.

I do question Influence as it is gathered. The purpose is to encourage people to be active and play by blinding? (Which I agree with entirely, its what we do here and while we don't have to its the environment here so if it is, its what we should do) I do think that then influence should accumulate at a faster rate, even with 6 armies active it can take quite some time to build up the flu for big ops.
Even then you have 6 armies active, having 6 quality armies isn't easy, even in the current environment. So smart players either go active with 5 or 6 forces only when they know its "safe" or go active with only their strongest forces, neither of which actually encourages blinding.

I don't envy having to make those balancing decisions.

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